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07-16-17, 06:40 PM
I thought that Teva did, but I think they don't now

Does anyone know who manufactures Brand name Adderall IR?

Also, could anyone comment as to their experience with brand name Adderall IR?


07-16-17, 07:32 PM

The closest generic adderall to the Original Shire IR tablet is manufactured by Sandoz. The problem is finding a pharmacy who either carries it or can special order it for you. Then the orher challenge is getting your insurance company to cover the cost of that particular generic because at the present moment it is considerec the most expensive generic adderall IR tablet at this time. (That information came straight from my health insurance company and from three different pharmacists)

You can find the Sandoz but it takes patience...

The other generic IR tablets currently available are:
Sun Pharma

**Corepharma was discontinued in May this year but is still floating around intil all stock has been distributed.

**Old Actavis discontinued last year

If you take XR please see the post in the forum about "Important Adderall XR changes in 2017" for other brnds and options regarding the original ans authorized Shire henerics.

Please excyse the typos, i just knocked this post out on my tiny phone keyboard...

07-16-17, 07:51 PM
Warning to all: Mallinckrodt is awful- absolutely no efficacy

Do not accept this brand!!!!

07-16-17, 08:40 PM

What makes you say that?

How does it affect you?

07-17-17, 09:11 AM
If you mean adderall xr, its SHIRE that manufactures the brand and also provides the raw ingredients and formula for all generics with the exception of ACTAVIS. ACTAVIS is a newer generic and a lot of people have issues with it, myself included. I recommend checking the actavis thread for more experiences. I heard there was also another newer generic but I am not sure if its an independent generic or if it is one that still gets most of its stuff from SHIRE.