View Full Version : Drawing + poem

07-17-17, 12:36 AM
I haven't drawn anything in a while, but I was staying at this gal's apartment earlier this week and she had all these lovely poems and arts and crafty type things up, the decor was so nice, stuff that she had made and other things, and I was inspired to be artsy again.

It feels a little stiff, like my hands feel weak haha and the shading was really hard. I didn't quite get it as good as I can imagine. It's probably been like...almost a year since I've sketched anythiiing. But maybe if I have time to do some more I'll start to warm up back into it.

08-22-17, 03:55 AM
I don't know much about painting/drawing, but I think you have drawn the head very well.

Thanks for sharing. :)

09-10-17, 06:51 PM
Not bad looks awesome!