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06-18-05, 06:04 AM
hi there,

ive always been easily distracted - something just catches my eye and my mind wanders to the 'something more interesting'... throughout childhood was the same - i was referred to a 'learning difficulties' section in the junior school (terrible hand writing and being a 'little slow in copying from the board') went to comprehensive school and fell apart, hated it all (was being bullied) got myself into a lot of trouble (a few suspensions, involvment with the law, smoking a bit of dope, terrible arguments with my family (especially my old man - including fist fights (only twice)) a bit of an under-achiever ... feeling terribly confused.

so i got an excellent job as a self employed IT type of chap, and bought a house (aged 22) im now 25 and i think i have an 'acute' or a 'light' form of add - is this possible?

the left side of my brain - and my body come to think of it, seems strong, and very occasionally feels light it is 'fighting' with the right side of my brain - which on comparrison feels weak.

again im still easily distracted, i get bored very easy, even though i left school with no gcse's (all scored e's and f's and the odd u) im a clever chap and am sit really well within my social network of friends, i have a good stable loving relationship, im renovating my house too, i have a passion for hifi and home cinema - i seem to be doing very well for myself, but still im bored - im hoping to change career (which i am working on and im looking at enrolling in a college later this year for nightschool)

i was reading an article from regarding add/adhd yesterday and the symptoms to describe this i felt like i could relate.

im also not sure if its relevant, but i find the whirr and the humm of my pc soothing and relaxing, it allows me to think

i also still self medicate (what a rather pompus way of saying i smoke a bit of herb now and again) i often find this useful in allowing me to slow down.... like a train thats been at full speed all day (too fast to really stop and get my teeth into a problem during the day (it support) so not like im really productive, just 'busy' in my head.

im not really sure what else to say. i went through a phase of depression sometime ago, this lasted for around about a year and stopped about 2yrs ago - i met my missis 18months ago)

anyone have any thoughts / comments ?


06-18-05, 12:28 PM

This is one definition of the word acute.

Having a rapid onset and following a short but severe course: acute disease.
Afflicted by a disease exhibiting a rapid onset followed by a short, severe course: acute patients.

If you think you might have ADHD, you could explore getting an assessment from a professional.

Albino Fox
06-18-05, 07:58 PM
Though "Acute" probably isn't the right word here,
I'm commonly hearing that people get diagnosed with "mild to moderate" or "moderate to severe" ADHD just as you would get with countless other medical diagnoses. As a matter of fact, I like to see it as just some kinda bell curve of natural psychological function, where we're the odd ones off to one side (the opposite side of 'human robots' (

06-19-05, 12:46 PM
hi chaps, thanks for your comments

yeah - i spoke with a friend of mine yesterday and she informed me that add/adhd comes in a varying degree of severity - mild to full blown. anyway, yes, i am going to go and see my GP im also fortunate enough to have private healthcare so should get answers a little quicker.

i shall keep you posted.
kind regards,

06-19-05, 05:04 PM
YES. ADD can be quite severe. Just as it is possible to be a "little" ADD, it is possible to be VERY add.

It can be a first-class disability.

In the wrong setting, and untreated, even a fairly mild case of ADD can make your life miserable. Without medical care, a severe case is going to be very tough to deal with.

Me :D