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T-10 and ... counting ...
Carbon illustrating evolution

carbon -> graphite -> diamond -> dodecahedrane Fullerene
1 -> 3 -> 4 -> 13

"smallest member is C20 (unsaturated version of dodecahedrane)"

"aesthetically pleasing symmetry of the dodecahedral framework"

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Carbon illustrating evolution

carbon -> graphite -> diamond -> dodecahedrane Fullerene
1 -> 3 -> 4 -> 13

There is no such thing as a (physical world) circle qO9D4YObg7hipnyQ_63WOoCvQ

The dodecahedrane illustrates how what we call space (the appraently 3d dodecahedron) may be manufactured from a flat (dual) structure by extending it up into a tree.

-< the branch -> which (eg lung through n=23 bifurcations) -> a tree -> an apparently '3d' structure.

2 spatial dimensions - the duals.
Even when we do get it, language is still stuck back there in 4-space. So it’s not uncommon to find ourselves back on the ground, looking at shadows again, and trying to figure out what 13-space structure cast them. Carbon presents the simple geometry of evolution of structure.
We can use this pattern to understand the mind - how to complete the mind - how to attain wisdom - by generalizing this basic pattern.

The dodecahedrane differs from graphite and even diamond in its incredible diversity in mapping routes from any 2 given positions - so in simple language - the generation of a holistic, systems-wide, global, connected model of understanding as a definition of wisdom.

A seemingly infinite number of paths which one may take to explain our context as heading inexorably towards an architectural social structure formation.
You *will* be assimilated.

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... t-8 ...
You *will* be assimilated.And when you are, you will have a mind to feel that you belong; the trick here is to realise that you have no mind whilst you feel as though you're an alien within a body - a clockwork projection scaling hierarchically to provide each and every component of you- your entire (as within, so with out) context.

There is an alternative, but it does not holdup to scrutiny.

Addenda items ( - connectionism - linkin' park - the mind

What do you call a song without a singer ? [content alert: discusses a suicide]

Given the intricacy in scaling evolutionary processes
to arrive at what one might call Homo elegantia kalaisthisia
(new man
- the very formulation of elegance in all contexts)
- it would be a shame to so much as blink
and miss
even the merest fraction of it all.

Hello ~social~ world.

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... t-7 ...
(new man
- the very formulation of elegance in all contexts)
It's necessary to consider ADHD here.

What is ADHD ?

Simply the emergence of a capacity for higher resolution / higher sensitivity information handling which has (in turn) particular requirements for education ('to take longer to learn better') and which through this increased sensitivity is also more stress sensitive also - in much the same way that an individual with sensitive teeth will shudder in pain when he's exposed to drinks at temperatures which others can consume.

These are the factors underlying ADHD - increased sensitivity, different learning schedule, increased stress sensitivity (on account of increased informational sensitivity) -

- the increased sensitivity applies to all behavioural aspects which we associate with man - sensory, systematizing and empathizing - and the preference I have is for use of the term 'elegance' - since elegance takes on a particular meaning in the world of science, technology, communication, art and music.


The ADDer cannot pursue the reward system of materialism; it's too brutal and contravenes our new ('to become personally (of higher quality, greater elegance, better informational handling capacity) better') reward system.

07-25-17, 03:27 AM
... t-6 ...
At the level of neurotransmitter and hormone

Increased neurotransmitter and hormone -> downregulation in associated receptor

Insulin -> Insulin resistance
Leptin -> Leptin resistance
Thyroid hormone -> Thyroid hormone resistance

--- [allergic] Asthma (hypersensitivity) ---

Stress hormone (b2adrenergic agonists and steroid) -> Stress hormone (adrenaline + cortisol) resistance

sensitivity -> oversensitivity -> hypersentivity -> resistance

What is causing the stress ?
Simply 'too much information' to a sensitive neural system.

The sensory cortex - cerebellum - motor cortex is an information-handling facility.

Over-intended-use of sensitive neural systems result in neurone being pruned; designed for quality not quantity
A sensitive neural system immersed in insensitivity (too much information) deletes itself (employing inflammation) as an emergency measure to feel no pain.

A sledgehammer when used to summon a lift - will ensure that nobody will be able to use that lift again.
Over-intended-use of sensitive neural systems result in neurone being pruned; designed for quality not quantity
A sensitive neural system immersed in insensitivity (too much information) deletes itself (employing inflammation) as an emergency measure to feel no pain.
Attachment separation to Psychosocial stress to distress generally (at levels of mind, body, spirit) but the dominant stress will be (since increased sensitivity is emerging) - the idea of 'too much information'
-> in stress-sensitive subjects -> microglial activation -> inflammation -> synaptic pruning (neural deletion)


Markram and Markram introduce the idea of a mechanism by which increased sensitivity arises in the cortex.
This novel sensitivity will apply to all aspects of functioning which we associate with being human since these will have their roots in the cortical - cerebellar circuit.

The sensory cortex - cerebellum - motor cortex is an information-handling facility.
Evolutionary capacity to more sensitive information handling (inherited character) in the presence of an insensitive environment -
the inherited x environmental interaction gives rise to either a well-adjusted or a profoundly deranged neural system - wholly environment dependent.

There's nothing wrong with people on the mental health spectrum - simply a greater level of sensitivity in the midst of an insensitive (in these informational streams) external environment.

What is the inherited component ?
Epigenetic recruitment of 'marks' recruited through exposure to hardship (poverty) which result in the individual's growth-promoting epigenome being switched off to favour survival. These epiallelic marks are generated under situations of food deprivation and persist as they confer greatly enhanced survival potential. They are persistent and are not shed. They are the mechanism of selection in man.
They confer reduced need for calories for life-support and give us the differences in propensity of people to gain weight (all supposedly genetic conditions - but the genetics will be masked by the distributed nature and the variability in the marks which're generated through the growth promoting genome ie it's gonna' be really hard to find them).

Into which we connect the 'Thrifty gene hypothesis' - which now makes sense once we switch off the genome into the distributed growth-promoting epigenome.

Don't overfeed (mass migration from East to West) a population selected for through poverty.

Connection between arresting physical growth through epigenetic remodelling and neural sensitivity ie how to we make the switch from metabolic arrest to neural sensitivity ?
A transition from linear growth to neural re-arrangement - from ---> extension to -< bifurcation as we see in the common all garden tree when we arrest growth of a fast growing branch by cutting it off.



1. The brain is an information recognition/handling machine.
2. A genome -> connectome evolutionary transition via the epigenome is in in place which is resulting in increased sensitivity
3. This novel sensitivity is in [1.] information recognition/handling.
4. Immerse novel sensitivity in insensitivity and the the neurone is programmed to delete itself through microglial inflammatory process.
5. The environment must change because the novel quality of informational sensitivity is not going anywhere.
6. Environmental change can be transacted by eliminating co-ercion thereby allowing the individual freedom to choose to walk away if distressed - a moneyless world is required.

07-26-17, 04:45 PM
... t-5 ...
- a moneyless world is required.If we imagine all of the many forms that an attractive tree may take and imagine that that diversity is what evolution requires.

If we imagine that the educational/workplace establishments are attempting to breed just one structure of tree - a tree in which there is only 1 branch which extends into the air ie no branching structure - no resilience to challenge.

A master of one molecular speciality unaware of others.

This structure of tree would not be able to survive in adverse weather.

No resilience to challenge.

In order to permit the development of diversity - we need to permit an individual to pursue learning in whichever field s/he desires - and not (as we currently do) just in mathematics.

Mathematics is fast becoming a virus which is eating away at other specialities by being the only guaranteed path to money.

What is the pull of mathematics ?
There's some expectation that mathematical capacity will explain something that we have a deep desire to have explained. An understanding of context.

And it does - but the simple conclusion is expressed in physics' Theory of Everything - which reveals (3 polar and one social (non-polar) interaction) - the mind of God.
The mechanism of evolution.
The Theory of Everything will be simple enough for anybody to understand and will expose the mind of God.

07-27-17, 11:10 AM
... t-4 ...
Stephen HawkingScience helps us to make sense of the world around us.

The inevitable question though is what do we want to know ?

The current scientific / technical mind race at breakneck speed to introduce systems which are not wise and which hasten species extinction from genetic modification through pesticides to more efficient hydrocarbon using engines.

It's important then that the relationship between wisdom and science be considered.

Only when wise, may the individual be considered a scientist - because only then may the individual see what questions we need to find answers for and which technologies we need invest time and effort in.

The motivation of true scientist becomes to invest in understanding and innovation which are in the group's best interests and not what we have currently of ... ... in his/her own best interests.

So - what form of science / tech should we be investigating ?

Simply to realise that as of the insight provided by physics over the last 100 years - that we're changing - that we're all now ina new paradigm where we're trying to become of personally greater quality and to set up sustainable systems which support our own betterment.

To understand that our own quality is forever hidden someplace within the brain and that we improve it through practice - where the practice is volitional and not forced.

To create a world in which people imagine methods for developing their own personal quality and working together with others to set up systems which may be used for personal training.

The shift here in science/technology is from attaining an understanding of our context (most of sci/tech to date) into the next phase which will be of our allegiance to the acquisition of quality or elegance in all things life.

An actual shift in the driving motivation of man - to be able to understand our context puts us at a loose end.
Now that we see how we arose ? what're we meant to do with ourselves ?

In the background - we're in the midst of an ongoing speciation event - where the very definition of the individual (the individual's reward system) is changing - as one would expect from a speciation event.

To be programmed to aspire to something different to predecessor species.

The change that we're observing very much represents the shift from understanding to elegance - the 'end' of knowledge and the start of a new imperative - one in which we aspire as a collective towards creating a collective environment which enshrines every possible context of 'elegance'.

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13 years later and
Nothing has changed
And we're 13 years lighter
Wonder if we've another 13 years in us.

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1st August

We can solve EVERY single problem that man has ever had through collaborative enquiry.

Instead people try to 'win' through force.

At some point, when human beings want to know the big answers to questions and are willing to listen to other points of view, taking on what is useful - we'll all be there.

There's nothing hard about working out what we should eat ? what is ADHD ? how to eliminate Alzheimer's ? how to combat global warming? - and what's a little sad - is that all of these problems are solved through simple realization that the mind was supposed to be a tool for moral functioning - we used it to behave irresponsibly (GM, nuclear power, hierarchical power structures) and 'got' what we deserved.

A dirty place thanks to human waster - where nobody's happy.


Incidentally 1-correct food preferences by living a social distress-free life and food preferences correct (see rat park), 2-emergence of sensitivity (to information), 3-see 1- as Alzheimer's is tied to diabesity and 4-local housing/food autonomy meaning an end to work stops all but basal levels of travel ie no commuting, no travel on holiday (life is a holiday), no real transport of food - perhaps a singe train network around the planet - but there's no need for it to be particularly fast.

If people can't manage autonomy without being housed or fed by somebody else - then you'll have to move.

'All of the evils of man are caused by man's incapacity to sit still in a room alone'
Human beings spend their time trying to be elsewhere - hoping that at some point they'll arrive at a place where they'll be happy.
To be happy - all that's required is to shape the mind towards its own understanding of morality from the bottom up.
That's the key - and it opens the door to no further need to develop 'new' gadgets to keep a bored population stimulated.

The connection between 'bored' and 'stimulated' and the use of stimulants in society (food - sugar, starch and umami) ie the drive towards fast food intake which (in turn) kills people.
People without minds (hence without minds of morality) simply shift from one stimulant to the next - killing themselves in the process.