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07-22-17, 08:42 PM
Does anyone have their child in behavioral therapy? My son is 6 and we go once a week to work on coping skills for frustration and social skills (the school speech therapist has identified him as having pragmatic language difficulties)
The thing is, he is not very cooperative in these sessions. Up until the therapist enters the waiting room he is fine, then he starts giving one word responses, talking in an odd (silly) tone of voice, fidgeting, etc. I think it's anxiety as he can talk normally at other times. He also gets frustrated in the sessions because he doesn't want to answer questions even simple ones.
I want him to get the most out of this, has anyone else experienced something like this?

07-22-17, 11:48 PM
One thing I think you have to ask is;

What is his investment/ownership/perspective/understanding and similarly enjoyment of this.

Basically, I think him getting something from it there needs to be two factors present;
On second thought, it's one...... motivation..... but that word is no good for ADHD things need to be broken down further........ so......

-He needs to have a clear perspective/desire/personal realisation.... some would say goal but that word is oversimplistic also.....

When I was that age..... such endeavors were seen by me as "someone external thinks I have a problem/I may have a problem so i'm going to disengage so we don't find out I have a problem.

So, him seeing this experience as a positive..... as fun..... that's the second point by the way..... fun. Is at the core of making it work.

Rewards can generate interest and have mixed effect in the absence of his personal understanding / input / desire. If done right.


-How can he understand this in a positive way
-How can he participate and "try" knowing there will be "excellent" benefits to his personal ongoing well being? Or what way will that need to be conveyed that directly or indirectly has his mind thinking....... "this is good.... i feel better from it" ..... regularly
-How can it be structured so the totality of the experience is seamless..... if not fun....

That's what I feel anyway....... Lack of understanding, adult definitions, abstract experience, overfocus..... can all turn something that should be simple, into a monster to be avoided or feel shame about.

07-23-17, 05:37 AM
Children that young are not meant to have traditional therapy. What kind of therapy is this? Is this talk therapy? The only therapy that a 6 year old may respond to would be play therapy.

07-23-17, 02:59 PM
Thank you for your replies!
The structure of a visit is
-what happened that was good this week? And asking me, what did son do well this week?
-asking first son, then me, do you have any concerns? (Concerns has been explained to him, he unusually smiles and says a quick no)
-then we move on to an activity, such as identifying and practicing coping skills for frustration, playing a card game (one stack has feeling cards, one has questions like "when have you seen a tv character who felt this?")
- Most recently we have been working on something called F.E.V.E.R skills, they are conversation skills Face the person, Eye contact, Voice volume and tone, Expression, and Relax. So she has him ask a question or tell a story and review if he did those things.
-at the end of the session he gets to color spaces on a reward chart depending on if he has done certain things like sitting in his chair. Right now he is working toward a small Lego set she has in her prize drawer.