View Full Version : Who here is a Mad Scientist?

07-25-17, 03:39 PM
Autistics (particularly aspies) sometimes are referred to as "Little Professors" due to our intense special interests, so I thought us ADHD-Autistics could have a similar term.

I was diagnosed initially with autistic disorder which was later amended to aspergers when I was in primary school. Last year I was finally diagnosed with ADHD after years of teachers and therapists overlooking my executive functioning issues. I don't really blame them as there is a very real risk of overdiagnosis and pathologising every single facet of someone even if it's not an illness. Fair do's. It sucks that I had to wait so long for a proper diagnosis but at least I have one now.

I'm not sure how to end this. Holla if you're also a Mad Scientist, I guess!

07-25-17, 05:05 PM
I’m not autistic, but I am a pure nerd who can geek about some things.

But Mad Scientist...not for quite a few years.


07-25-17, 05:16 PM

I'd consider myself a scientist and I'm definitely mad.:scratch:

I'm not autistic though as far as I know.:scratch:

07-25-17, 10:34 PM
Hollaaaaaaaa!!! ;)

07-26-17, 02:31 AM
I consider myself a scientist but not necessarily mad, except for ignorance, that makes me madů And sad

Little Missy
07-26-17, 09:24 AM
oh goodness, no. All I did in lab was make a mess and move my stool to the next station and pretend it wasn't mine.

07-26-17, 09:55 AM
I'm not a mad scientist at all, but I love the vocabulary in science and especially biology.
Actually I just love words :)

DJ Bill
07-26-17, 10:05 AM
Does Mad car nut count? (I dream about wrenches and old cars...)

04-30-18, 02:50 PM
I am very much a mad scientist! I'm in grad school, and the #1 problem I've had rotating in labs is that I spend too much time reading about everything that's known about the field, trying to distill the knowledge to a poetic realization in a grain of sand, and have trouble actually getting concrete things done.

04-30-18, 02:56 PM
I'm just mad.... without the intelligence to pass off as mad + scientist.