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07-31-17, 08:10 AM
Hi all! I'm a 25 year old female and have suffered 'something' wrong with me for possibly more so in the last 5 years of my life and I put it down to just a strange way I have.

Some things that have concerned me/other people -

I have a major focus problem. I ignore any texts/calls/emails 'til I get a certain task I have to do finished (this can go on for days and I have no problems ignoring someone or allowing myself 'social' time by replying 'til I do this task) I'm a creative and write songs so I have a certain 'bubble' I go in to but anyone who tries to interrupt me in the bubble I get very irritated by - though I never verbalise it, just continue my silent spell. Also I have to be in a certain room/place/time to be able to write. If I haven't completed the task (such as finish a song) and I am meant to hang out with someone I can't relax at all.

I've had boyfriends who I've made get out of the house whilst I try and write because just the thought of having someone under the same roof as me when I know I'm better writing alone throws me off completely, they can't even be in the next room.

I am worryingly forgetful. It takes me a minute to work out what I did at the weekend - and it might only be monday morning.

My comfort zone is being alone.

I get easily distracted. If someone is talking to me I can switch off easily. I also can't be around big groups of people for more than 2 hours max.

However, I'm generally really self content, calm, confident and happy with life. It's just these focus issues I mainly have that seem to cause a lot of problems for me.

Thoughts? Thanks!

07-31-17, 11:18 AM
It seems like social anxiety

It can be combination of ADHD&Social Anxiety, but i can't tell that it is absolutely ADHD due to these symptoms, because they arent enough to say it is ADHD

07-31-17, 12:12 PM
A lot of people who feel they have ADHD do indeed

Good luck