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07-31-17, 04:53 PM
So I've been on Prozac and countless other ssri's for ages. I started on Dexedrine in January.
I titrated from 40mg - 20 mg Prozac last year and dropped from 20mg - 0mg Prozac 3 weeks ago. It has been hell. There have been days I felt great about a week after dropping the Prozac but for the most part it has been hell.
And it's making me question the effecacy of my dex - which until now I have no issues with.
Im not sure if it's the Prozac discontinuation symptoms or what but it sure has screwed up my dex. I take 10mg every 3 hours or so BTW.
Ugh. This sucks. Do I just not touch my dex and stick it out? How long till this crazy ssri is GONE? Argh. I know this isn't clear at all - welcome to my head right now.
Anybody else quit an ssri while on Dexedrine or Adderall?...

08-24-17, 09:21 AM
So, I'll reply to my own post with an update:

I'm 6 weeks post Prozac. I Have gone to a special kind of hell and back with the discontinuation of that med. It kicked my but.

Anyways, the Dexedrine was much more noticable and strong after the 'zac got out of my system and suddenly I was in a massive IR rollercoaster! High crash high crash. I cut back on dosage and timing but it was still intense. So back to Spansules I go.

So I have 6x10mg spansules/day and I'm trying to re-discover the right dosing schedule... Again.... They feel stronger this time around. I know when I've taken too much Dex and yesterday was TOO much! Gotta re-figure out duration of action etc. Anybody else on just Spansules? Twice a day dosing?

08-25-17, 04:51 AM
I used to take the spansules and it was three times a day at 15mg.

08-25-17, 09:25 AM
Ya I'm figuring that out too.
Still trying to figure out dosage, yesterday was not bad - took 30mg @ 7:00, 20mg @ 12:30 and 10mg @ 4:30.. not bad - a little strong in the first half of the day.
Today 20, 20, 10...

Thanks for sharing your experiance.