View Full Version : Looking to change from prozac to non ssri

07-31-17, 05:51 PM
New here, 37 male and was only diagnosed with adhd last week in addition to previously being diagnosed with high functioning autism. Suffered long term anxiety and depression for years now, over the last 10 years ive tried most SSRI's with floux being the only one ive had a somewhat positive effect and few side effects from.

First day on dex (5mg x2 daily to start) today and i can see they arent happy pills as much as they are blockage removal pills lol. Im quickly becoming aware that taking it is going to lead into yet another period of difficult emotions which im apprehensive about but happy they've presented themselves and more than willing to deal with whatevers there and move on from it.

Fluox has helped greatly with my anxiety, havent had bad anxiety, a panic attack or hardly a sleepless night since being on it which has been a massive relief, but going from 20 to 40mg hasnt helped with my constant depression. Im reluctant to increase to a higher dosage as im already finding it difficult to eat on 40mg and have lost a good 10kg in a month when first starting on it. That and im not willing to take an additional hit on my libido lol.

Would love some feedback on Wellbutrin or Remeron vs prozac or any another not-ssri anti-depressant for that matter. Would be nice to see my therapist with some vaguely educated preferences in mind rather than just hearing suggestions from them and giving it a try because they said so.