View Full Version : First Time Adderall Log (NEED HELP)

08-02-17, 11:21 AM
Age: 18

Background: Have been suffering from ADHD ever since I was a kid, I recently got a thorough 7-8 hour long evaluation and the doc said I have ADHD without a doubt. I can't even read a page from a book without forgetting what I had just read and losing train of thought.

I finally got my hands on some Adderall XR. The doctor told me to take 10mg a day in the morning.

8:00 AM - Took the Adderall XR 10mg (Noticed a slightly foul taste in my mouth that went away after a very short while). I took them about 50 minutes after eating a full breakfast, so I was full.

9:00 AM - I feel the exact same, no difference whatsoever

10:00 AM - Still feel the exact same. I don't notice any improvement at all with my attention problems. Still feel very fidgety and constantly pacing around my room. Still hard for me to sit still in a chair. No loss of appetite at all. In fact, I just ate 4 waffles in less than two minutes. I was pretty hungry.

11:00 AM - I notice a very very little improvement in brain fog (though this is probably Placebo effect). I tried reading a book but constantly got sidetracked and nothing was getting through to my head.

So right now it's almost 11:30 AM and nothing at all has really changed for me. Do you guys think that the doctor prescribed me too low of a dose? I mean this is my first day after all and I think she just wanted to be on the safe side by starting me off as low as possible. She said that there would be a lot of trial and error when it comes to the dosage. Can any of you guys give me your experience and what dosage you take them at? And let me know if you take them on an empty stomach or not.

08-03-17, 04:26 AM
Your doctor was playing it safe and thats a good thing. I think your dose was too low and I think you may need a second dose or a booster dose.