View Full Version : Weighted Vests / Compression Vests

08-03-17, 03:27 PM
Hi all! I need your feedback!

I'm in a venture of manufacturing a Weighted Vest/ compression vest for children with special needs/ADHD. But I want everyone's feedback on what is important to them in such an item. So please, if you purchase, use or know anyone who has such an item....I would really love your feedback in "what is ultimately important to you in this item" for your child. Lets help build a better product!

- Is micro-adjustable fit important? How important is it to have it be adjustable tightness?
- Would you like to purchase these as a S, M, L size and each size have micro adjustments? or will a one-size-fits-all be just as good?
- How important is build material? Do you prefer all natural materials only? Is "sweat resistant" (treated) important?
- Is it being "washable" important to you?
- Do you have your child wear this item under their clothing, or over it?
- If over clothing....How important is style/trend/colors? Would you like to see solid colors? prints? trendy styles? Would you like the vest to "not look like a obvious weighted vest"?
- Would you prefer the weighted vest be adjustable weights, or a "one weight" per size?
- What's more important....the fact that the vest is weighted....or that it is compressed/snug against the body?
- is product "cut" important? Prefer the vest to sit at the waist? Arm holes large or more snug/small? Neck hole size large or more compressed and small?

Any other feedback not listed above, we want to know! Lets us know!