View Full Version : Add med that doesn't provoke hyperfocus/procrast. quick suggstn before doc appt

08-03-17, 03:32 PM
Kind of in a bind. going to post a few places to see if I get a quick suggestion before doc appointment today. Is there an add med that will not exacerbate hyperfocus/procrastination?
Started Zoloft last year. Took care of so m any anxiety issues. I was able to leave a terrible job and move closer to family, without all the worry and anxiety of moving...job. Well, here we are 1.5 years later. I am still doing uber/lyft, and haven't gotten a "real" job back in the tech field. I wanted to try add meds again and see if they could help and hopefully be different with Zoloft. Not much success in the past with add meds. I thought I would try Vyvanse after some young professional passenger said I should try it. What a difference! 2 problems: I can't afford it, plain and simple. Unbelievable hyper focus. Which is horrible in my lifestyle at the moment. Uber: work when you want! I take the med first thing to get me moving...( very tired, sluggish for hours after waking. Anything that makes me the slightest tired (not enough sleep,circadian rythym, having sweet stuff) My brain screams, "We can't do this, take a nap, then we can work" I have no say in the matter. I am tired I give in. The stimulant helps somewhat. But it has gotten less effective quick. I stopped for a few days...and it feels new again. This is my day: If I stayed up too late because I couldn't turn any activity "off", I sleep anyway and miss uber rush hour, which I have to catch to make enough money. OR I get up have coffee and read news/Flipboard. OR I get in the car drive twenty minutes, pull over and sleep and then get caught in internets. OR I pull over for coffee...then internets... Any of these events will last for hours before I can get myself to turn on Uber/lyft apps.
It is great to have the energy to do things! But I am not doing anything :(
Last night I couldn't stand it...I have installed block apps on some of my devices. only uber/maps and such to 3 p.m. Worked really well today until I found one device I didn't install it on...wasn't too bad though, I futzed for only n hour. Hopefully, I will find a software that will span windows/android/mac/Ios. Internet & apps.

08-04-17, 06:36 AM
When you get that kind of hyperfocus it usually has to do with the dose. What was the dose you were on of vyvanse? what about frequency? There are other more affordable amphetamines like adderall or dexedrine in addition to the methylphenidate classes of drugs like ritalin or concerta.