View Full Version : Has anyone tried Neurofeedback to treat AD(H)D?

08-03-17, 06:25 PM
What is Neurofeedback?

Has anyone tried Neurofeedback to treat AD(H)D?

Is there different types of Neurofeedback, etc..?

I'm learning, any experiences or information that could help understand better is is appreciated.


08-13-17, 09:54 PM
My therapist used to do neurofeedback, and ironically I came to him for neurofeedback as a treatment for ADHD--only to discover he had stopped that methodology.

But my therapist, who is really sharp, thinks that neurofeedback can definitely help people with focus and self-regulation. He likes it. Ultimately he concluded that even among people with ADHD, no two people's brains were the same, so the neurofeedback was never quite a precise fit.

Now we do a lot of work on meditation, brain breaks, monitoring my thoughts, reacting calmly when I'm emotional ... just without the brain hookups of neurofeedback. Of course people who use neurofeedback say it's great for ADHD. Other providers who don't use it aren't so bullish on the treatment.

Bottom line: if you are really interested in that method and you can find a provider who is confident and that you like, go for it! I think it's worth a shot. My therapist didn't reject it so much as concluding that he could achieve the same ends using other methods.


08-15-17, 01:46 PM
Interesting. Maybe I'll try to find a therapist who has this philosophy.

08-15-17, 04:26 PM
Rory Brenner, a top British comedian tried this on a BBC documentary on adult Adhd, as he discovered he has Adhd himself, this was a few months ago, his reaction after trying it stunned me, still does, don't know if still available on iPlayer in UK or elsewhere. It was very funny and surprising, has this been mentioned before here?