View Full Version : I forgot my money for Disneyland

08-05-17, 11:16 PM
So this isnt a "relationship" issue more of a social problem. I recently traveled to Hong Kong with a friend from Vietnam. I had never gone traveling with a friend and was so excited! The first day went without a hitch, we got to Hong Kong, settled down and had a great evening. Day two was where the snag started. We had been planning on spending the day at Disneyland Hong Kong and I had left my purse at the hostel, choosing to instead carry my money in a zipped pocket of my pants in an attempt to reduce the chances of me loosing everything.

Long story short, we got to Disneyland and I discovered that I was about $50 short to get into the park and it was a good hour ride back to the hostel. Thankfully my friend bailed me out and sacrificed her park souvenir money to help me get in and to pay for my metro ticket back to the hostel. Sadly this put a damper on the entire trip as she was so upset with me that we parted ways within 30 minutes of entering the park and i was by myself for the next six hours. Later that night, in an attempt to apologize, i took her out to a very well rated Dimsum Restaurant, where i proceeded to knock tea all over her beautiful skirt that i had compliments right before we had left for dinner. This was the second time that i have knocked a drink over on to her and Im sure that our friendship is pretty much over after this trip.

08-06-17, 06:50 AM
That was very nice of your friend to front you the money. If she was so upset about it that she planned to leave you for 6 hours she should have gone back with you to get money. No point in going with a friend if you are too mad to have fun. And you didnt mean to knock a drink over did you? if thats what does the friendship in than it wasnt really much of a friendship to begin with.

08-10-17, 07:29 PM
That sounds awful; I'm sorry. What should have been a fun trip for you turned sad because your friend was being petty. She had 3 basic choices here: 1. Give you the money. 2. Go back to the hostel with you. 3. Let you go back alone and meet up with you later.

She chose to give you the money. She CHOSE that. So she should have been mad only at herself. It was incredibly hurtful for her to punish you for a choice SHE made. I wonder if maybe she did it impetuously, then regretted it and took her frustration out on you. If so that's very immature.

And yeah, no one worth being friends with "breaks up" with someone because of a harmless accident like a spilled drink.

I'm sorry you're having a hard time and I know all too well the terrible feeling of suddenly realizing you don't have the money, or the ticket, or the keys, or whatever the important thing is. But maybe this friend is just a selfish person and you should take a step back from her.