View Full Version : Adderall XR + Wellbutrin = excellent combo so far

08-08-17, 07:02 PM
I've been taking Adderall XR 30 mg for a long time. Several times I've told my doc that I felt like I've been dragging (low energy, low initiative, lack of interest) and my doc, probably correctly, diagnosed it as low level depression. I've had low level depression for a long time, my whole adult life really although it waxes and wanes to some extent. I've been on the SSRIs which may have helped anixety a bit but they were sedating and zapped my energy even further. We decided to try a more "up" antidepressant and landed on Wellbutrin.

I've been on Wellbutrin for 2 months now and my energy levels are much higher and consistent (there's no rush and no crash). It's not a stimulant like Adderall but rather I feel it raises my baseline energy levels. Getting out of bed is much easier. I had mentioned to my doctor that I felt I was expecting too much from Adderall - to be helpful with both focusing and dragging me out of my low energy state. That isn't sustainable though and the efficacy of Adderall suffered as my depressive, low energy state continued to undermine its efficacy.

With Wellbutrin, like I said, it raises my baseline energy. When I take my Adderall XR, I feel I'm actually getting the focus and boost to executive function that I haven't had from it in a while. No euphoria or anything, just working like it is supposed to, like it used to when my energy levels weren't undermined by low level depression (which decreased the efficacy of my Adderall).

I thought I'd mention this because a lot of ppl in the inattentive/SCT section deal with low energy and have no hyperactivity at all. Wellbutrin plus Adderall XR has been an excellent combo for me so far.

Cliff Notes:
Augmenting my stimulant (Adderall XR) with Wellbutrin has helped lift the crushing weight of constant low energy that is so familiar to those of us with inattentive/SCT. With a higher baseline of overall energy, the Adderall XR has been more effective since I'm not completely relying on it to pull me out of my semi-comatose state.