View Full Version : very beginning, should I increase dosage?

08-08-17, 08:18 PM
Hello, I'd like to know your experience when starting Ritalin.

To make it short, I'm an adult with hypersomnia and I'm starting Ritalin 10mg (2 times a day).
I'm supposed to jump to 20mg (2 times a day) in 2 weeks.

Results: OMG !!! a real energy boost, no more sleeping during the day, I've done so many things today...

Question: has it been the same for you?
Shall I really change for 20mg in 2 weeks?

Does it mean I'm at halt the benefits I'll get from Ritalin right now?
Or the initial effect is going to diminish with time ? and I will have to change the dosage in 2 weeks.

Thank you for sharing your experience.

DJ Bill
08-10-17, 02:42 PM
You really need to work with your doctor on this stuff.and do what he says. We can't tell you online what'll happen...since everyone reacts differently to it.

08-11-17, 05:52 AM
I think your doc might want to increase it this time in two weeks to get to an optimal dosage,not that you will always have to increase every two weeks.