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08-09-17, 01:19 PM
He claims it is thenlaw in NYS.

Is this accurate ?


08-09-17, 04:55 PM
I believe it varies from state to state. I live in Ohio and it has always been a minimum of 28 days between fills. I believe the DEA may also impose a 28 day minimum, so the states could not allow less than that even if they wanted to.

Recently, the doctor, that I had been seeing for about 6 years, had to leave his practice and move to another state. He would always write my Adderall scripts so they could be filled every 28 days. The doctor that replaced him will only write 30 day scripts.

The first time I filled one the pharmacist remarked that it was unusual to see a 30 day limitation, as it is usually a good idea to give a patient a 1 or 2 day buffer in case the pharmacy is out of stock and has to order more, which could take a couple of days. I always take my Adderall as prescribed, so it should not be a problem, but I am going to check with the pharmacy a couple of days before the fill date and make sure they have an adequate supply on hand.

08-09-17, 06:19 PM
Most pharmacies will allow a 3-4 day grace period in refilling.
(This varies by state)

Most psychiatrists do not require you be seen each month

I would suggest you seek other medical professionals to help you

DJ Bill
08-09-17, 09:23 PM
That's what I have to do every Upstate NY... Controlled substance prescriptions cannot be refilled at least in NY. New scripts require a doctor visit.

08-09-17, 09:57 PM
That's what I have to do every Upstate NY... Controlled substance prescriptions cannot be refilled at least in NY. New scripts require a doctor visit.

They (NY law) actually requires an "-appointment-" with your doctor each month, or is it that they require that you simply visit your doctor's office and they hand you a prescription???

I understand that they cannot call anything in, nor can they fax either, but to require an actual appointment, that I have never heard of... it certainly is not the law in my state -- it may exist in some states...Not mine.. appointments are PRN

Like I said, I would recommend that you seek another opinion regarding this matter

08-09-17, 10:25 PM
It's a controlled drug, your doctor has to abide by the state law or could lose their license to practice. I doubt he's trying to scam you or inconvience you. If you want to treat your adhd with amphetamines then you gotta play by their rules and laws. I suppose it's different in each state as well Since it's different here in VA.

08-10-17, 01:46 AM
I see my pdoc every 3 months and he writes he a triplicate every visit. It just depends on your doctor and your state's laws.

08-10-17, 10:02 AM
Same for me as BlackWarrior. Appointment every 3 months, 3 dated scripts. I have to call and make an appointment as I fill the last one. But each state has different laws.

08-10-17, 01:20 PM
It depends on the doc. Niece calls prescription refill into pharmacy, is told no refills and to press one if you would like the pharmacy to contact doctor for refill. Within 1 hour the prescription is refilled or called in or whatever and ready to pick up.
My doc? Same med lower dose makes me call her office for my refill and then pick up the paper prescription. This is the same every 30 days. My niece lives next door.

08-11-17, 06:01 AM
No, its not the law that you see a doctor every month once you are on maintenance meds. With controlled substances I believe it is a law that every three months you must be evaluated to determine that you still medically need these meds and that they are helping you and maybe to just double check that you are not developing some sort of addiction or misuse issue. In NY and NJ controlled substances can be sent electronically so actually visiting the doctor's office isnt required either. They actually encourage doctors to send scripts electronically to cut down on prescription fraud and to avoid them getting into the hands of the wrong people. In NJ, you need a new prescription every month for a cII substance but some states will allow a 90 day fill. There usually is a minimum of a two day leeway so you do not run out, and alot of this is insurance dependent. Mine allows for about 4 days or so, and they are allowed to issue one vacation override every year for people going away. Many doctors either dont understand the law about how often they need to seen patients on controlled subtances or they just like the copays .

08-11-17, 09:57 AM
True. ^^ My psych handed my prescription detail to PCP. (they work together in the same office) She is a little overly cautious. It is ok. I'm being helped. :D