View Full Version : Hostile and/or passive-aggressive co-workers?

08-09-17, 04:00 PM
Have any of you been treated in a hostile and/or passive aggressive manner by co-workers?

What do you attribute it to??

- Your less than stellar performance causing extra work for them in the in a real way?

- Your way and their way are both correct but they think it has to be a certain way or it's wrong thus perceive that they now have more work to do?

- The questionable treatment of you is real but they have stuff going on in life having nothing to do with you?

- Your ADHD-powered sensitivity meter is just in over drive and they are fine and your perception is flawed?

Thanks in advance!

08-10-17, 12:38 AM
Yes, mostly interactive style, and an interest in decisions.

People get very put off by people who "act/react" in areas they control. People often misinterpret my "interest" and "passion" as "conflict" which, when i sense their opposition, it often evolves into..... ( tone, persistence, not escalation )...

People also label us as "unpredictable" and "movers and shakers" do their best to silence / control / remove those elements.

In broad terms, fear of the unknown.

FWIW for most of us, soft skills and following up some things that we see benefit from in a "detached / pragmatic" way..... one on one, usually away from groups or hightened discussion, is the way to resolve alot of these misunderstandings. It's a stuggle for me, cause often the longer an idea is around, the more emotion get's attached to it. Writing notes/emails/texts can helpful alot too. Used with clear, definitive restraint. Mindfulness, reframing and detaching from being so "passionate" about things is worth it's weight in gold.

08-11-17, 06:09 AM
Yes, and the reason is that some people are just as*holes.

08-11-17, 01:20 PM
Yes, and the reason is that some people are just as*holes.

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