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08-10-17, 11:43 AM
So this other day I was searching about ADHD, and I read all the symptoms of ADHD. I couldn't help but notice,that 90% of the syptoms that I read on the website were matching with the problems that I have been having for the last 3 years. I know nobody should rely solely on the internet for the dignosis of the problems that they are having, but this caught my interest because these problems were explained almost accurately as what I've been feeling for the last 3 years. I am a 19 year old guy(almost 20), I read that … one should be about 9-12 years old to diagnose ADHD properly. So I wanted to know what are the symptoms to know for sure, that if I have ADHD or not.

I do have a few recollection from the time when I was around 10 years old, I used to procrastinate a lot(but I think that's a problem with everyone). I never sat on the study table by myself, I always needed someone to tell me that I had to study. And even while studying ,i would just zone out…..but I never did bad in my school…. I mean most of the time I was getting A's and B's.

But as soon as I got into 11th standard…. That's where the problems started. I was living in a hostel, so no one was there to supervise me with my studies, and this is when procrastination got the better of me. I would never touch a book until i was under immense pressure from the exams, most of the time I would zone out in the middle of the lecture that I thought I was gonna pay attention to. I would interrupt people who were trying to give answers in the class, I would talk a lot to the people who were sitting next to me, I would constantly shake my leg or spin a pen, I would think negativily about almost everything. After that, when I reached 12th standard, I didn't study the whole year AT ALL…. I would constantly think about all the things that I was doing wrong, but it was so hard to sit on my table and start studying for real. Ultimately I ended up wasting most of my time and I had only 13 days to study for all my exams and that was when I studied hardcore, I mean 10 - 12 hrs a day….. but sometimes I would feel that I'm gonna fail everything and I wouldn't be able to succeed in my life…. And these feelings were getting stronger, until I called my mom ….. she was very supportive and that helped me lot….

Anyways I passed all my exams with a lot of difficulties. And I thought that…. This is a mistake I will never ever repeat….. and cut to 1 year….. I made the same mistakes in the freshmen year of my college. It's not that I can't concentrate on anything…. But it should be really really interesting to me. I would think of something that i wanna do, I would obsess over that thing for weeks or sometimes months…. But eventually I would drop it, and would start to obsess over something else. It's not only procrastination, but if I try to write all the things…. Probably I'll end up writing a novel.

I just wanted to know that if these things are normal and I am just overreacting. Or are these actually symptoms of ADHD. And if they are what should I do?

08-11-17, 06:03 AM
Besides in school, what other impairments have you noticed in your life and from childhood?