View Full Version : Do I have add/ADHD?

08-11-17, 11:24 AM
Ok. I know it's pretty late I'm 30 years of age. And I noticed the way I feel since I was young 15/16. Just didn't think anything of it. I am a very impatient person and get stressed out super easily I'm basically a brick lol. Every time I read a book well at least try to I cannot tell you what I read or what it's about even when I finish it it's like nothing regestred in my brain. Like I cannot concerarete. It's the same way when my husband is trying to tell me a story he can tell me about the revolution war, etc. 10000 times and I still don't regesiter. My grammar is horrible and you can see cause I'm just thinking about wanting to post this asap. I cannot wait my turn also when it comes to speaking. I always answer before the question is finish. My grades in high where always d/c. I get bored very easily especially when somebody is trying to tell me something I feel bad cause I feel rude but I really don't know what to do?

08-13-17, 06:08 AM
ADHD is more than you mentioned. It must have been present before the age of 12. It must impair your life in 2 or more ways in 6 or more areas of your life in order for it to be considered adhd.