View Full Version : Can Vyvanse "cure" ADD?

08-12-17, 04:59 AM
My mind is one hell of a racer, and tends to get foggy/lost at times.
I am working on this with things like nutrition, meditation, reading and sports.

I have improved tremendously in the past few years yet I'm feeling that there's more I can achieve in terms of focus and goals.

Did a test for ADD and was found that my response to stimuli is quite delayed. This correlates with my feeling of head fogginess and over thinking. I need to process for a while before I can create a response... and then too it's sometimes very exhausting mentally.

...So I went ahead and tried Ritalin. Big pile of crap. No other words.
Then, the doctor prescribed me with Vyvanse.

I tried 20mg and my only response is WOW.

I was sharp, alert, I was like a ******* TRAIN. I headed for success and ran over all distractions, all that wasn't necessary.

But I'm very reluctant to use it because after all it's a chemical, and definitely not and Advil. I'm 20 years old and I don't want to find myself addicted to some pills for the rest of my life.

The question is this:
Can this drug operate as a walking cane for a while to fix the imbalances in the brain that were created over time?

Are there any scientific proofs that it can create new neural pathways and restore brain balance in the long run even after dropping the meds?

08-12-17, 06:55 AM
I dont think there is any proof that it permanently fixes your brain. It does treat the symptoms of an incurable disorder. Why are you worried about taking meds long term? Some people have to take blood pressure meds forever. Have you ever read the side effect profile for tylenol or advil? There are a lot of liver and cardiovascular issues that can happen. It might not be as mild as advil, as you say but advil is nothing to look at as mild.

08-12-17, 04:24 PM
Short Answer = No :(

Long Answer = Hell No :D

"Cure" implies a one dose/ "one & done" treatment or, at the very least, a

limited treatment regimen. No such thing exists for ADHD (or Diabetes).

UR Welcome :cool:

08-12-17, 07:58 PM
And FFS, you don't get any more weaksauce than a 20mg Vyvanse.