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08-13-17, 12:15 PM
I've been diagnosed with cyclothymia (I also have ADHD) and the psychiatrist wants me to change my meds that I'm on to something more suitable for Cyclothymia. Right now I'm taking an SSRI which is sorta doing something...but not so much. I went there complaining that the SSRI was making me numb with my emotions, putting on weight and just all round unmotivated. When she started talking about bipolar meds, I have to be honest, I was ****ting myself. I had heard they are pretty debilitating. She printed of a bunch for me to read about until our next appointment. I feel really nervous about starting them. Lamictal seems like the only one that doesn't affect weight gain. because my mood swings are mild compared to full bipolar, I am wondering if it is worth the effects of the medication. Does anyone have any good experiences with these meds or any recommendations of which ones to try first?

08-13-17, 03:58 PM

i'm neither bipolar nor do i have experience with lamictal. however, i'm posting to let you know that there's a section you might want to poke around in:

that's called anti convulsants, but it's really meds used as mood stabilizers for the most part. lithium would be in there, to, for example, despite not being an anticonvulsant.

08-14-17, 04:46 AM
I dont necessarily think bipolar meds are any more debilitating than other meds depending on the issue they treat. Untreated mental illness is more debilitating than the medications used to treat it. I have BPII and I take : cymbalta, lamictal, buspar, and geodon.