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08-13-17, 03:05 PM
Hi fellow attention deficients,

Im a 24 year old male with ADD, and I have been taking a form of Ritalin (biphentin) at 50mg/day for the past 8 months. my weight is 180lb. I've been told this is a fairly moderate dose for me.

My experiences with this drug has been overall very positive, but its not without some dramatic side effects. I work for a investment firm, and my work performance skyrocketed from the first week of taking this drug. The hyper focus is incredible and allows me to focus and study things for hours non-stop

There are a few major side effects that were especially noticeable in my first
2-3 months of taking this drug:

- The worst is the amplified Anxiety. I would constantly get a BURST of anxiety about 8-12 hours after taking the drug. If there was anything that i was nervous about, I would feel completely overwhelmed with anxiety from it. it goes away at bedtime.

- The second is the crash in energy. I feel that taking this drug for 4-5 days in a roll, causes me to feel very tired. I've been trying to take Saturdays off from it. I sleep for like 12 hours on fridays/saturdays and wake up with black eyebags

- one more thing that i noticed is dependence. on saturdays when i'm off the drug, my mind seems to be very lost. I procrastinate everything, get easily distracted and lost browsing the web for hours, and feel like i have poor memory. all of this seem to go away the next day i start taking the drug.

my question to you all is, do you share all of these side effects? do they get worse long term? and have you found any effective ways to deal with them?

08-13-17, 09:36 PM
Welcome and thanks for sharing your story.

On your last point, the issue of "dependence," that is as researchers would say one of those "confounding" issues.

First of all, now that you experience some better focus, it's quite possible that your Saturday no-med lack of focus is the way you were before taking the med. In that case, there is no regression. You're just now much more aware of when you can't focus than you were before.

There are a lot of people who would ask, "Why aren't you taking the med on Saturday?" After all, you live on Saturday, you have tasks to complete on Saturday. Heck we ADHD folks have all kinds of social challenges, so frankly, we often benefit from the med just to have a decent social life. Even hobbies require some degree of focus as does weekend cleaning, assuming you're doing that.

On the anxiety, definitely mention this to your provider. The anxiety and the crash, are you sure those are separate things? There are ways to help with anxiety--meds and without meds.

Crashes can be discussed with your provider as well. Some providers give small short-term doses to better ease down off the med. I did that for a while when I was on Concerta (a form of Ritalin).

So one theme on this board is that we have to work along with the medication. Are you noticing ways you can assist your focus? That can include good rest, sleep, exercise, meditation, walks outdoors, therapy.

Anyway, welcome.


08-14-17, 04:36 AM
I do not think there is anything wrong with taking your medication everyday. Its prescribed for everyday use because you have adhd everyday. Why dont you take it on saturdays?