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08-14-17, 09:13 PM
Hi everybody,

A little introduction
I'm going into my second year of school at a community college.
I'm in the process of a possible diagnosis of ADD, (I have my official evaluation with a psychiatrist on the 28th of this month).

So this is the rant:

I wasn't really aware that I may have ADD until the beginning of this summer. I always struggled in school from a young age, but my first year of college was probably the hardest school year for me. On top of not being able to pay attention in class or not being able to organize my time and schoolwork properly, I was also dealing with moderate anxiety and I suffered a lot. I wasn't doing good in some of my classes and I feared that I would hurt my GPA by failing, therefore I dropped out of some of them and didn't think there would be any consequences.

I haven't been receiving any financial aid for this semester, which concerned me because school starts in exactly a week. I went into my financial aid office this morning to figure out what's going on and they informed me I'm on some kind of financial aid probation because I dropped out of some of my classes. I'm very upset about this because I am a very low-income student and even though I work part time, I depend on my financial aid and grants, and without them I won't be able to afford the majority of my classes and textbooks.

Now I have to sell my car that I've recently just gotten to be to afford my education. I also have the chance to write a letter for appeal if I end up being diagnosed with ADD, but I feel bad depending on to have a disorder to get out of this sticky situation and to be able to afford school - even then it takes a while to get approved.

I just wish I had gotten help sooner if ADD is the case for me. Because I could have avoided this whole entire issue, I would've been able to graduate sooner if I didn't struggle and felt like I had to drop so many classes and get the proper help, and would be able to keep my car and still receive my money for school.

Even if ADD is not the case with me, I feel almost even more frustrated because then I don't have a proper "excuse" to get me out of this situation and I'm just at the point where I want an explanation to what's going on with me and why I can't focus or get important stuff done. I'm also mad at my counselors because nobody told me that I would be in this situation if I dropped the classes I did (Honestly I only dropped 3 classes combining both semesters, I really didn't think it was that big of a deal). I even went into the counselor's office once and they advise me dropping would be better than failing.


I'm really upset with life and myself.

08-14-17, 10:00 PM
I'd skip the semester before selling the car, honestly. Let the probation fall off and try again in the spring. It's not really ideal, but it gives you time to figure out what the problem was. And if taking another full load is too much on your anxiety, you may have to scale it back a bit.

Though if you live somewhere with public transit, then not having a car is not too much of a problem if you have to get into school right now.

It's really up to you, just saying what I would do (but I live where there's no public transit so giving up the car is not an option). It sounds like you may need some time to come to terms with your diagnosis (if thats what the doctor tells you) and that gives you more time to plan to have a more successful semester, without having to drop classes. Also if you're going to use medication, it buys you some time to find one that fits you.

Its not mandatory to go to college every single semester continuously. If you need a break to regroup, take it.