View Full Version : Ideas for updates to future versions of the DSM.

08-14-17, 10:37 PM
This thread is not meant to deny the importance of the current DSM, or the existence of AD(H)D.

As we know sometimes older versions of the DSM are updated.

This thread is meant to give people who have AD(H)D a chance to express and support any update ideas in regards to future versions of the DSM.

Never know maybe someone who is involved in updating the future versions of the DSM will read our posts get some good ideas?


08-14-17, 10:43 PM
not a personal opinion, but oddly barkley, brown and several other of the best adhd researchers have been arguing to no avail to get the importance of emotion in adhd in the dsm

not sure the exact words theyre looking for, or why it hasnt happened

08-14-17, 10:45 PM
Here's some information on the process of updating the DSM in the future.

"Psychiatry's list of disorders needs real-time updates" ( z_%7E_PcScabg_%7E_PcSbc_%7E_PcSbc_%7E_PcSCFLpuvnGE L-qFz-HCqnGr_%7E_PcS) by Michael B. First in STAT, December 12, 2016

They're planning to incorporate changes as they become justified, rather than waiting to revise the whole thing all at once (as they did in the past). How this will look in practice remains to be seen...

08-15-17, 12:15 AM
The first idea I would like to propose is some brackets around the "H" when writing "AD(H)D", in the DSM.

To represent all people with AD(H)D, when they appear to be feeling hyperactive and when they are not.