View Full Version : Starting Mydayis tomorrow

08-15-17, 04:19 PM
I start Mydayis tomorrow. Would love to have some other folks insight on their journey with it if they are starting it too. Being that it just got approved, I'm a little nervous about being one of the lab rats to take it since it came out. Anyways I'll try to keep y'all posted on how it works.

08-29-17, 06:15 AM
So how is my day is working out for you?

Little Missy
08-29-17, 09:09 AM
whoops, sorry.

10-02-17, 12:20 PM
Nroutz.. ive been on it for a little over a month.. I was on 30-40 of adderall xr/ir.. now I'm on 37.5 of my day is.

It's a little better for me in terms of focus and duration.. but the cynic in me doesn't want to believe it lol

How about you?