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08-17-17, 05:23 AM
I have an autoimmune disease, Barretts esophogus, RA symptoms, Raynauds and other stuff, I am not trying to be that person who goes on about their health problems. My neuro wants me to have an EMG test to check the nerve damage in my right arm and hand, and an MRI of the brain. She noticed that I have some dysthkenisa(SP) in addition to adhd and the other stuff and told me not only is it important to stay still for the test but its important for me to have a "quiet" mind. She prescribed me three pills of valium. 1 and hour before, 1 going in and 1 if I freak out inside. Will that work? I have never taken valium before. Whats an MRI of the brain like? I have never had an MRI before so in general whats it like? I think she is looking for major stuff like tumors and also signs for MS and other things. Its scheduled for september 1 and Mark took the day off for our anniversry weekend anyway so he will drive me because the doctor said I had to be driven if there is valium. Can people share their experiences with:
MRI's, MRI's of the brainb, Valium or sedatives for MRI's and in general, any info you can share about the process? Also, what shoud I expect with valium?

EDIT- I am dreading the EMG test because I can even take a tens unit let alone deliberate pulses in my arm.

08-17-17, 05:31 AM
I've never had an mri bit I've studied this so my knowledge is mode theoretical.

You won't feel anything (no pulses or anything like that) but I think it's very loud and I think that surprises amd is disturbing for some people from what I've heard. It's not painful or invasive in any way.

Best wishes!!

08-17-17, 08:38 AM
Good luck sarah :grouphug: what i can say is the machine hums but to the best of my knowledge it does not hurt :grouphug:

08-17-17, 08:56 AM
I'm claustrophobic as f*** and have had a couple. I feared I may have a brain tumor several years ago when I was trying to get my diagnoses and health matters figured out and stuff. My dad passed away from one the size of a softball at age 56, so it's always a significant worry of mine with every headache and such.

I had to have valium, too, and if I remember correctly, I also took a xanax. The noise and design of the machine was the most disturbing thing, to me, along with my own "what-ifness" brain. I had the hubby accompany me and hold my hand while I was in there. They have a microphone where they can hear you and a panic button you can push if you need to.

I pushed it only a few minutes in and they shut it down and let me come out to get my breath and stuff. Then they discussed the importance of needing to get it done within the time frame they had set up so they could see their other patients on time, and how critical it was to be able to get through it if I wanted answers. I managed to make it through, but was an emotional wreck the rest of the day.

They called back several days later and stated they couldn't find anything. Knowing it was of my brain, I asked if they really didn't find anything, as in no brain at all, or did they mean they found nothing to be concerned about. They don't have much of a sense of humor in that field, it seems. Best of luck in the process and the results!

Little Missy
08-17-17, 08:56 AM
No pain, clanging and banging, very close confinement, but if you keep your eyes closed you won't care at all. Valium...enjoy it. :D IV is better, but the pills work fine.

08-17-17, 09:46 AM
It was boring for me, just laying in a metal tube with, yes, clanging and banging.

They saw I was a cool customer and a tech nerd and medical geek, so no benzos for me.

That said, I’ve had diazepam just gave me a peaceful, easy feeling, like it was a rainy Sunday afternoon.

I was excited to see my results though...especially where the structures of my brain were noted to be normative to large relative to what was expected.

Yet, I have ADHD...there must be a lot of cotton and other bric-a-brac up there.

Well Wishes,

08-17-17, 10:07 AM
I've had diazapam for my fear of flights. Same family of drugs I think as Valium.

The feeling is nice, think you'd have to be an unlucky one for those valium type drugs not to give you a nice feeling. Reminds me of when I feel slightly tipsy though it's more relaxing yet still alert.

The drug has never been strong enough to totally overcome my fears but they should at least help you feel a little less afraid while doing the test.

Have not had an mri though I'd be like aeon, interested in seeing if and how my brain deferred from others.

08-17-17, 10:41 AM
I've had diazapam for my fear of flights. Same family of drugs I think as Valium.

Brand name = Valium
generic name = diazepam


08-17-17, 11:24 AM
Last year the PA wanted me to get an MRI for the migraines. I'm claustrophobic
and doubted that I could lie still for 45 minutes while listening to the noisy
machine as I also have sensory disorder. Never set up the appointment. :umm1:

As I understand it, the noise is mostly loud humming, until it changes position,
when it bangs a time or two. Even knowing what to expect, I would probably
jump or move when that happened. If noises are a concern, you may be able
to wear noise-cancelling headphones, maybe even with music piped-in.

08-17-17, 11:37 AM
Enjoy, Goodluck with the quack. Hope it works out for you.

08-17-17, 11:44 AM
They offered me headphones, but couldn’t get the station I wanted, so I went without.

I fell asleep during mine, so they halted the proceedings to wake me up.

Now the time I had a CT scan I was more up and at it because I had just had a transient ischemic attack and was...a bit freaked out.

The time I had a fMRI was also more exciting because in addition to the imaging agent, they had given me 90mg of methamphetamine by IV drip.


08-17-17, 05:25 PM
Dr Temple Grandin, the autistic author, was on a documentory last year, i seen in BBC iPlayer, youtube maybe? Had it and describes it, was able to not flintch during loud bangs and watched a video during, don't know what is standard for it. The woman who thinks like a cow, is the title.

08-18-17, 07:50 PM
MRIs seem pretty intimidating to me...because they last for so long. 30+ minutes from the small amounts of research I've done.

I've never had an MRI, but I have done a bunch of CT scan. I know they're totally different, but they kinda relate? For one BIG thing...CT scans are pretty quick. I'm only in the machine for like 5 minutes.
It's tough for me to sit still without wiggling at least a little. I mean...I can sit around for HOURS just fine, but I need to be moving somehow. I can't just sit still. I do a lot of rocking while sitting up, or if I'm laying down I rock my head back and forth, or I wiggle/tap my feet a lot...etc. etc.
5 minutes is stretching it for me.

But I suppose that's what the Valium is help relax you and keep you calm.

I'm not claustrophobic in anyway thank goodness (good job getting yourself through your MRI that day Unsy!!), so this is a non-issue for me...though CT scanners are easier on this as well compared to MRI I just don't know.

One HUGE issue I had the first time I had a CT scan I developed a freaking itch just beneath my nose early into the scan haha. OMFG it drove me NUTS.

I'm just sorry to hear you've got to get one :(. I'm not worried though. I know you'll plow right through it cause you're tough as hell :).


08-18-17, 11:03 PM
Can people share their experiences with:
MRI's, MRI's of the brainb, Valium or sedatives for MRI's and in general, any info you can share about the process? Also, what shoud I expect with valium?

the main issue i had was remaining as still as possible. they really want you still. is is louder than i thought it'd be and because of my situation at the time (i had years ago when i first lost my **** and i don't really know why...i think they were checking to see that i didn't have something wrong with my brain other than, you know, what's completely wrong with it). EDIT: forgot to finish my thought there: because of my ...state of mind, i guess, at the time, the noise ****** with me a fair bit.

anyway, as for sedatives, i don't recall whether they'd started giving me meds or not at that point. i think they probably did give me something but i don't' think they'd started me on APs...i think that was part of why...? it was years ago so i'm fuzzy on the details.

but, the reason i replied really, is that i do have considerable experience with benzodiazepines, which is what valium is. it's similar to xanax, klonipin, ativan, etc, but not nearly as strong as xanax and takes a long time to leave your system, though i think it lasts about the same amount of time as longer than xanax, but not as long as klonipin. i don't know what the mg is on your three pills, but i'm assuming 5...?

the one thing i will caution you with is that my psychiatrist told me that benzodiazepines and alcohol work on the same receptors of the brain. since you have a history with alcohol, i just thought to make you aware of that. i don't think you're going to have problems with it, but i have been told (i take ativan daily) not to drink alcohol and take benzodiazepines. so, when i do have a cocktail, or wine or whatever, i skip that medication. for me, ativan (and the others) doesn't work as quickly as xanax, so it would be useless for panic attacks (i do have PRN xanax for those). valium takes awhile to be effective, so it makes sense you're to take one an hour before and then one en route.

oh, and my other point with the alcohol is that benzodiazepines make a lot of people sleepy. it may not have that effect on you because of your history, but it could, and that's why you shouldn't drive whilst taking them.

hope that helps and good luck with everything. xx

08-19-17, 06:35 AM
Thanks everyone for the support. Peri- the doc told me Id get very sleepy so my husband took off of work that day. Ironically our anniversery is september 2 so we were going to try and do something but I guess september first will be a no go.

08-19-17, 07:07 AM
Peri- thanks for reminding me about the benzo-alcoholism link. I actually have a post in addictions about benzos. I had to stop taking xanax years ago because of alcoholism substituting one for the other is what happened and I was a hazard on the road and brought chaos back into my home. I am one of those people who when taking too much xanax I get combative, outrageous and irrational. I am not nice or easy to deal with and thank God I stopped both alcohol and xanax. The doctor told me that valium tends to be one of the more sleep inducing benzos because she knows my history and she said she usually prescribes it because it is long acting an does build up on itself so in her opinion after that second and maybe third dose there is no way I will care whats going on and will probably sleep through it. Thanks for looking out for me though.