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08-17-17, 06:24 PM
Everyday It's the same

I know of a place of broken wings where a little songbird sings to broken dreams

She isn't very good but I still listen,
Each day she sings and gets a little better
She's passes the time as each thing around her passes away
Everyone that sees her, tries to talk over her
They talk loudly and never listen, and they get a little better at talking over eachother
The crowds come and go, looking for all the right reasons to complain
They never stop to listen to the little song bird that sings
They only try to take breaks and break from life so that they can break each other
and each day they get a little better

They try to concentrate by tuning out the world till it's barely a whisper

But for what purpose, no one can say because no one listens

Each person claims he is the master of his own life
Only the servants truly listen
And so no one serves to listen because that would mean serving each other

They do as masters do and mistake logic for wisdom
They criticize eachother, finding fault for sport and business
Finding one more reason to care less about anothers opinion
And each day they get a little bit better
Every day it's the same
The little song bird still sings
Perhaps if she was just a little bit better at her song
Perhaps they'd join and sing along
Maybe they'd be happier
But even if the world shined through her,
They'd never see each other

Every day it's the same
She tries to sing,
And each day she gets a little better
But a little bit more forgotten
Today she is just a shadow
Tomorrow she will disappear
Each day she lives her life
But every day she's a little bit better
A young boy listened and the bird stood up
And changed its melody
Maybe it was then that the crowd took notice
The boy listened, smiled and said thank you
He ran off and the bird of broken wings flew away
She didn't sing for the masters or the slaves
She sang for the servants
Because only they can truly listen