View Full Version : Does your Child Have Autism?

08-18-17, 04:08 AM
Do you know The milestones in your child's development are important? Do u have a child with 1-2 years old who's if you have a child with 1+ years old who are struggling with a behavioral disorder? Anxiety Disorders /Autism /ADHD/ ODD ..etc? Did your doctor ask you to wait until he turns into 5 or something? Do not Wait. You may lose most important milestone of your child! One of my friends has a child with Autism and Anxiety Disorders and the doctor asked her to wait now she doesn't have any records of her child. So I thought to acknowledge parents to avoid such mistakes. Please keep a track of your child's behaviors may be you can note down or record some few videos take them to your doctor. It will be easy for diagnosis and get the appropriate treatments. :)

I came across the a free new app This app is used by parents who want to track the development of their child. Videos are made of different learning milestones and saved for later reference so that medical professionals can consult if need be.

08-19-17, 06:56 AM
This sounds an awful lot like a commercial.

Little Missy
08-19-17, 07:30 AM
This sounds an awful lot like a commercial.

Because it IS a commercial.