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06-20-05, 08:45 AM
The Disappearing Girl
by Dr. Lisa Machoian

"As girls become teenagers, it's as though they are suddenly hapless tourists in their own lives, dropped in a strange, uncharted territory without a compass or map. Parents can learn to help their daughters navigate and think critically about the images, the messages, and the unspoken rules of todays' adolescence. In The Disappearing Girl, I suggest ways you can help the girls in your life cope with the pressures they encounter. It brings you the real stories, straight from the girls themselves."

Buy the book ( $16.47

I chose this book due to the increasing number of concerned parents and teens speaking about depression within the forums. The second book I've chosen follows along the lines of Teen Depression as well.

Next book is titled RESCUING YOUR TEENAGER FROM DEPRESSION by Dr. Norman T. Berlinger.

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explains how we will attack reading and discussing the topics without leaving anyone behind.

Any questions please pm me right away.