View Full Version : Can't Find Mallinkrodt Dexedrine At Walgreens In SoCal

08-20-17, 09:10 PM
Trying to find Generic Dexedrine by Mallinkrodt at Walgreens (most cost effective option for me). I've called around my local Walgreens and most responses are:

1) Don't have it in stock.
2) We can't order from a specific manufacturer. We have to use the supplier/distributor on file. Can't modify the system.
3) Check other Walgreens. Best luck is if they have it in stock, otherwise, none of us can order it from Mallinkrodt.

Has anyone had luck finding generic Dexedrine from Mallinkrodt? I have a high deductible so using insurance doesn't help at my 120 quantity. Also, even using a discount coupon, Walgreens is the cheapest compared to everyone else. Last time I paid about $80ish with the discount coupon and I think the next cheapest price is about $100ish at Walmart and then it jumps up to $120, $130, etc...

TL;DR Need help finding Generic Mallinkrodt Dexedrine from Walgreens but no one in my area has it and what I'm told is that they can't order it. I live in Southern California.

08-22-17, 02:39 AM
Are you talking about IR, and what dose is it? I only have experience with the 10 mg IR, and my Walgreens is NOT in SoCal.

Their default supplier seems to be KVK; I never requested any specific generic brand, but I did receive Mallinckrodt once. It was after my order was delayed for about a week, so my guess is that KVK was temporarily unavailable. I only pay a small copay after insurance, but by looking at the receipt, I can deduce that each pill costs about $1 before insurance. If you're getting 5 mg pills, you could effectively cut your costs almost in half by just getting the 10 mg pills instead. Costs are generally based on the number of pills rather than the dose of the pill. Similarly, have you tried generic IR Adderall? It comes in dosages up to 30 mg, and the pills are scored so that you can break them into smaller dosages.

08-23-17, 04:53 AM
I steer clear of chain pharmacies if I can help it.

09-05-17, 01:44 PM
Thank you for all the input. To clarify, it's 10 mg.

I called up a bunch of Walgreens and it turns out they can't order it or they don't have it. I was able to have it special ordered at my Costco. Total for 120x 10mg came out to be around $170ish. I used a discount coupon.

The pill is very smooth as I've read from other people's experiences. Don't notice the comedown. When I say smooth, I mean that even after the pill seemed to have "worn off," you still feel the positive benefits as if you never took the pill at all. I didn't feel anything negative or the side effects either. I still had an appetite and was able to sleep. Keep in mind that I was instructed to take 2 x 20 mg per day. My intake varies depending on my needs but it's been a positive experience. MUCH better than the crap that KVK has.

Was wondering if anyone had luck ordering this at other pharmacies. I tried my local pharmacies but they can't order it or they don't stock it, so no luck there.

11-27-17, 02:02 AM
I have recently been trying to find a brand of Dexadrine that will work for me.
Here, in Oklahoma, I have been told that there are three generics.
KVK, (which I didn't like.)
Teva (Haven't tried it yet because it's next to impossible to find.)
And Mallinkrodt. I was loathe to try the latter because I have never had anything made by them that wasn't terrible. However, it is the only one that doesn't contain some type of red dye.
I tried it today, (from Walmart.) My experience was that it worked pretty well, no noticeable side effects from a 10 milligram dose. Not as strong as the KVK but seemingly better.

Downside, according to my pharmacist, the Mallinkrodt version has been discontinued. My guess is that Walmart is simply getting rid of their stock.

It is worth double checking though.
Hope that helps.