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08-22-17, 12:33 PM
Hi All,
After I get home from the pharmacy I split up my meds by dose for each day in the month. I put the baggie for my afternoon meds in my wallet each morning.

The problem is the bags are about an 1" x 1" and I'm concerned they look like something they look like something someone would keep illegal drugs in.

I don't want to take the whole bottle to work and I'm worried I might lose something if it's not disposable.

Does anyone have any tips?


08-22-17, 03:31 PM
I use a contact case to keep meds in for my allergies and migraines.
Pocket size, keeps them dry. Tell anyone who asks they're tylenol.

08-22-17, 11:57 PM
I would suggest taking a photo of your current medication bottle clearly showing your name and details on the label. In case you are ever stopped by law enforcement they can verify your script. Don't your meds. get crushed being in your wallet? I keep mine in my front pants pocket.

I think technically you are supposed to have the bottle with the medication but I figure photos are the next best thing. I usually take a photo of my actual prescription and photos of the bottle. Taking the entire bottle to work is not happening with me.

08-23-17, 02:24 AM
I just asked my pharmacy for a duplicate bottle.

08-25-17, 09:34 PM
Technically, I think it might be illegal based on federal and/or various state laws to have controlled substances outside of the original pill bottle. In reality, as long as you act reasonably, it's probably unlikely that you would be prosecuted.

I agree with the suggestion that you at least carry around proof of your valid prescription (photo on your phone, copy of the receipt, etc). If you do decide to bring the bottle to work, perhaps let your doctor know ahead of time that you're concerned about losing it. That way, if you do actually lose it, your doctor might be more likely to believe you.

08-26-17, 04:03 AM
Seriously, go to your pharmacy and tell them you want a second bottle with the label for travel. It takes two seconds.

08-28-17, 05:38 AM
What I did at work was to just keep them in my backpack, and take one out when needed, never taking the whole container out.

That way coworkers never know if it's a painkiller, or candy/gum, or whatever. Nobody ever asked me about it.

I had Ritalin while working in an office, and it came in a blister pack, but do follow sarahsweets' advice if yours come in a bottle.

Gypsy Willow
08-28-17, 10:26 AM
I've always toted the whole bottle around with me at all times. I was told 17 years ago to do this, in case I'm ever pulled over, or am unconcious, incapacitated, etc., as I have proof that I have a prescription and am under a doctor's care and/or any medical personnel can see what medication I'm on in case I am incapacitated.

08-29-17, 01:49 AM
I used to put my ADD meds in one of these ( pill-shaped keychain things and it worked great for me.