View Full Version : retreating into the building's focus rooms

08-22-17, 11:07 PM
I guess this is another form of the how out should we be?

raw observations on self inside the focus room vs at my desk
a lot less likely to get up when in very small enclosed space
significantly reduced amounts of visual and auditory stimuli (or for me, distractions)
more attention to detail, faster, can at least sometimes induce hyperfocus
far less likely to answer anything on impulse
i guess like working from home but fewer distractions and network is flawless (vpn disconnects quite a bit when doing stuff remotely)


I think I'm getting way more done

for all I know those little rooms are made for ppl who function better in certain environments than others

I'm not hiding that my working memory is basically a physical notepad

I know other people have done similar things for their own reasons like take computer and sit on a different floor bc their neighbors were talking a lot


not at desk, gl finding me and you know the ideas that that leaves
I don't really see a better way to out myself without outright saying I'm wired differently (or possibly sustained a birth injury)
gl explaining to other ppl that while shutting out outside stuff and inducing focus on things that aren't video games or food is so much like breathing that they don't even notice, it's a very different experience for me, in fact tried once in asking to be allowed to go into that space while working on things that involve attention to detail got turned down this time.

idk... I guess it is what it is I have rarely seen myself induce focus on things that aren't games outside of quiet spartan environments and idk how out I should be

your thoughts? invest in a pair of noise cancelling headphones as an alternative?