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08-23-17, 09:14 AM

I'm in Australia and for context, my sister has ADHD and I kind of look after her, so I'm asking this question about her. I also have ADHD probs, but we are sorting hers out first.

In Australia, getting prescribed with stimulants is proving to be hard. I was wondering what experiences anyone had with non-stimulant medication?


08-24-17, 04:15 PM
My experience is that non-stimulants such as Strattera and Intuniv can be useful. However Stattera worked somewhat underwhelming in the long run, and up giving me too much stress, anxiety and dizzines. Intuniv (guanfacin) has some really great effects of getting the brain more relaxed and focused, unfortunately is made med way to tired and exhausted and lethargic. If you're able to stand the side-effects of Intuniv, I can recommend it. I can even recommend taking it with a stimulant (if stimulant helps you in anyway) as it is good at reducing the side-effect from stimulants significantly. I'm on my to try Clonidine myself which is kind of similar to Intuniv, hoping that it has less site-effects than Intuniv but some of the same great stress-reducing effects.