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08-24-17, 10:37 PM
I miss my appointment on Monday (along with a job interview today, ugh) and have to wait until Thursday to discuss meds again.

My therapist talked me through explaining the problems I have to the doctor. How I feel like I work 30x harder than everyone and get less done, misplace everything, forget about appointments/am late to them plus other things.

I'm just so stressed cause I feel like a "drug seeker" and like I should be able to achieve every day things without any meds.

Will they even help?

I know the big thing is making an effort myself. Maybe I'm not actually putting in enough effort?? Maybe laziness is an issue?? Maybe I'm making excuses??

I'm really nervous talking to the doctor. My first instinct is to portray a "nothing is wrong with me" attitude just like with everyone else.

And I get so stressed. I'm just so scared/anxious for some reason??

08-25-17, 04:19 AM
Are you on medication? Is this conversation you have to have with your doctor about medication? What does the doctor want to do to treat your adhd?