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08-25-17, 02:25 AM
Hi all. I'm new here so I'm not quite sure if this will post or that I'm doing this right, so here goes anyway. Lol. I have a concern regarding my Adderall XR dosage as well as my ADD. I've been taking it for three years with "Breaks" here and there, but I'm noticing I've apparently built quite a tolerance to it. There has been a few times when I've taken 120mg. It is concerning me that I have to take that much to feel any relief from my ADD. Therefor, I am wondering if 120mg of Adderall XR taken within a ten - twelve time period for a female that's 4'11", weighs 115 pounds, and has been taking Adderall XR frequently for three years for ADD. Is this dose dangerous and will it come with unpleasant "After effects" ? Any advice is greatly appreciated. Thanks!

08-25-17, 04:12 AM
If you have been on that dose for 3 years and your doctor approves then I dont see any danger.

08-25-17, 01:52 PM
That's a very high dosage ... but I've read of doctors who occasionally prescribe dosages that high.

But make sure you are following your doc's orders here ... and there are probably lots of checks you need to run ... like regular blood pressure checks. And make sure you aren't doing this on your own--and that you are in fact taking this under a provider's guidance and recommendation.

I'm wondering about your lifestyle, therapy, depression and other issues. If you need that high a dosage to function, you and your doc might do well to investigate other issues to see if they are at work in addition to ADHD ... I'm not saying stop the ADHD med, but rather ... is there depression here? ... Depression can undermine basic motivation and focus and desire and ability to get moving and get stuff done. And sometimes people miss mild and middle-grade depression because they have never felt motivated and so they assume there is nothing odd about their lack of motivation and focus.

Chaotic lifestyles can also undermine functioning ... How is your sleep? ... are you getting enough? ... the meds really can't overcome sleep deprivation ... nor really should they ... What about exercise ... what is your "self-talk" like. I had really negative self-talk in addition to ADHD ... I still have it, but in therapy, I have learned to respond to it, ignore it ... replace it with more motivating self-talk.

Just my two cents.


08-25-17, 02:47 PM
I should have asked: Have you been on 120mg as prescribed for three years or is it something new?

08-27-17, 05:23 PM
That's pretty high. I'd definitely talk to a doctor before messing around with dosages at that level.

I don't think weight factors into amphetamine metabolism like it does with alcohol. There are certain things people report eating or drinking prior to taking their meds that affect the absorption rate in the gut, but that's not the same as metabolism.

08-28-17, 04:26 AM
I just now noticed you posted in the addiction section. Do you mean you are addicted and abusing your medication?