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08-27-17, 05:35 PM
My son was diagnosed at with ADD when he was 9 years old. We tried medication and he had pretty bad side effects including feeling sleepy. We decided to try again now that he is twelve. The Dr thought he might do better. He took his first dose of Adderall XR 5 mg. Friday at 8:00am. I homeschool him. At 9:30 at was teaching him Math he literally started falling asleep. He said he was extremely sleepy and could hardly do school. When I told him he could take a break he just laid on the couch which is not like him at all. He is normally very active. After lunch he seemed fine. What in the world?? Any ideas?

08-28-17, 04:17 AM
What meds besides adderall has he tried?

08-28-17, 11:01 AM
It sounds odd. Have you thought of trying a placebo? Tell him it's a vitamin, or conversely tell him a vitamin is an adhd med? I don't know about your kid but my two are fairly dramatic and have very firm thoughts on things, for example, how they will react to a medicine that went badly for them last time.

My daughter had a headache before bed so I figured I would give her some kids ibuprofen, she has taken it before without complaint. Even said it tasted great in the past. She proceeded to inform me that it was going to taste like ear wax...sure enough after she took it she stated over dramatically that it did indeed taste like ear wax. Ugh KIDS!