View Full Version : Concerta Plus Medikinet, any suggestion , experiences etc.

08-28-17, 03:09 PM
Hello, i stopped using concerta after my summer school , it was 10th august when i stopped using it. So i gave a break until school begins
Fall semester will start on 25th of september

During summer school time, i realized 54mg of concerta becomes less effective after using it 3 weeks. I discussed with my doctor about when it comes less effective can increase dosage, he prescribed 20mg medikinet instead of prescribing concerta 18mg. I researched about medikinet and i find out it has different relase timing than concerta
I will visit my doctor on 5th september and i will ask him to prescribe me 36mg concerta so i can make a Gradual ascension of dosage of methylphenidate
36mg concerta ==> 54 mg concerta ====> 54mg concerta + 20mg medikinet

also when end of semester comes i can make a gradual decline of dosage

but medikinet is an unknown to me

Do anybody have experience with medikinet or medikinet&concerta combo