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08-29-17, 10:38 AM
Hi all,

I'm on my quest to find the right medication for me as newly being diagnosed with combined ADHD. I previously have been on Concerta and it may not be the right medication for me. After starting on 27mg and increased dosage to 36mg, it didn't help and only increased my fidgeting and made me really anxious all day.

My doctor switched me to Adderall, and after 15mg XR put me either to sleep or made me a blank faced zombie, she increased my prescription to 20mg. It seems that 20 did help for 2 days really well. I felt normal but also it almost made my hair twirling cease until it wore off in the evening. It was the best relaxing feeling to not have any desire to put my hands up in my hair and I felt that I could control myself and focus on my work at the office comfortably. After the 3rd day and subsequent days I could feel the impulse to play with my hair coming back earlier and earlier in the day, and now after a week, I'm back to playing with my hair without realizing I am until my hand gets tired and the pain from my hand actually brings it to my attention.

Did my brain compensate and is forcing my dopamine levels back down so I still feel the need to fidget and play with my hair when I'm trying to focus or think? Anyone experienced this? I have a 2 week follow up appt with her to share my experience. Should I wait the whole two weeks and see if it helps with the strong fidget urges and helps me stay on task? I still have a hard time staying on task and being motivated to do boring things, like dishes. I do have good focus reading websites I use for work and feel like I can understand things better. I was hoping this would help me stay on task, make it less of an grueling task to do the dishes or clean the kitchen and also help keep the strong urge away to put my hand in my hair. It's really distracting for others at home and work, and my hands are getting achy!

Thanks for any feedback!

08-31-17, 04:55 AM
It makes me wonder if the hair twirling thing is a fidget or something related to unconcious anxiety or OCD or something like that. Fidgeting tends to favor certain things like movement of the legs or hands, sometimes hair, but it seems like your hair twirling might be rooted in something else. There is also dythskenisia which can be related to certain meds(i have this).
I am not saying its not adhd related only that you should investigate whether it has anything to do with anxiety, circumstances or instances where it tends to rear its ugly head,

08-31-17, 09:17 AM
Thanks, I'll have to bring that idea up during my follow up. I think the urge is heightened when I'm bored in the car sitting in traffic and when I'm working on a work project and am focusing on my computer screen. Also happens when I'm nervous about something and I thinking how to approach whatever is making me nervous. Or just when im lost in thought. Could be anxiety/OCD related.

I have a few other fidgets too. When sitting cross legged, I shake my foot slowly back and forth without realizing it. I also play with my wedding rings when I'm in a social setting or meeting with bosses and know I can't play with my hair. Thanks for your thoughts. :)

09-05-17, 11:26 AM
So a few days later and more time to make observations, I think my excess fidgeting is due to Concerta (used to be prescribed) and Adderall (now prescribed) increasing my anxiety. I was diagnosed with GAD last year before the ADHD was even thought of, by my primary care doctor. I've been taking 100mg Zoloft and 7mg buspar twice a day since then and my p doc wanted me to continue them along with taking the added stimulant. My follow up is next week since she's on vacation, so wanted to post here for advice before I go to the followup.

Is there a medication that counters the increased anxiety, so I can keep the focus that Adderall is helping me reach and keep the calm that Zoloft was giving me before? I have the focus, but now I'm worrying about everything from "Do I have everything packed for my kids' lunches" to "is my husband saying he's fine when I ask him how he's feeling or is he just saying that to get me to stop asking how he's feeling?" Ahhhh! :p

09-09-17, 02:38 AM
"Punding" and " stereotyped behaviors" ( for specific definitions, simply googled them) are common with stimulants, especially Adderall.

11-03-17, 05:09 AM
Twitching is a common side-effect of stimulants. I curl my toes and flex my feet. Constantly. My thighs are burning by the end of the day. It's gotten so bad before that my PCP prescribed Zanaflex at night to calm my muscles and it turns out that having a med to knock me out at bedtime helped to consolidate most of my sleeping to nighttime, so that was a bonus.

11-09-17, 05:31 PM
I used to fidget a lot before I started taking ADHD meds one of them being leg shaking or bouncing my leg up and down as I sit at a desk. Now, 99 percent of those symptoms are gone except for the leg bouncing and it seems Adderall has made it worse but maybe I'm wrong.

11-15-17, 07:07 PM
I have the exact opposite experience. I fidget. I pace. I shake my foot. Drum my fingers....Well, I used to, now I am NORMAL. 15 MG XR adderall has changed my life. I don't feel anything but normal. I am less impulsive. I don't feel wired or high or euphoric. It just makes me feel and be NORMAL. I eat normally. I sleep normally. My heart beat and BP are normal. I can get my work done like a normal person. Since my 15 MG dose, I have not brought home work at all. I do it like a NORMAL person. It doesn't last as long as it should, but that's ok. I take it in relation to my day. If my work and meetings are later, I take it later in the morning. This has changed my life. My doc told me that I didn't have to take it on the weekends. I have because I want to enjoy my weekends. i want to do things and not follow my tale like a dope. LOL