View Full Version : Taking A High Dose Of Vyvanse & Adderall IR and Valium For ADD Moved Now What!?

08-30-17, 04:59 AM
So recently I was going to the psychiatrist I had found out here and finally I was fed up with his BS and told him look why can't I not just be put back on what I had going good with a Dr I know knew his stuff but also knew me very well and had no issue in prescribe ing anything and then I even have my dr saying nope I will only do a fraction of what you did get if you want what you were on in MN he told me I will have to find another Dr.

So I find another Dr thinking she will be nice and maybe just do what again. Was able to have me working and doing normal and being good with my relationships and she completely ignores me and talks over me saying I'm basically seeking drugs that are now being sorta targeted by the dea and it was a high dose basically that my doctor in MN was giving me and seewasn't willing to risk it but. Sense another Dr told me and for years knew me why would I have to try nd get to know another Dr now again like that which it took me years to achieve the meds to what we both found worked and now it's just not working for me here and life is ****ty now. Help?

08-30-17, 07:11 AM
You need to get your old records with notes and present them to the doctor and ask her why she is against medicating you according to medical standards and and the fact that you were stable on the old dose and was a long term patient of the previous doctor. That goes a long way instead of a patient just telling the doctor how it used to be.