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Snapshot Report

Sensation-seekers thrive on new, intense, and varied situations. Their personalities are associated with risk-taking because sensation-seeking drives individuals to seek out highly stimulating experiences, which often include risk. Sensation-seekers have strong positive reactions to intense stimuli. While there are many constructive aspects of this personality type, those with this trait often take more risks, are more impulsive, and become bored more easily. In certain ways, a sensation-seeking personality is an asset - such individuals thrive on stress, action, uncertainty, and challenge. In other ways, it is a liability - they may take outlandish risks. Low sensation-seekers, on the other hand, are reliable, can handle monotony, and prefer to sleep on their decisions. They avoid novel and stimulating experiences.

You scored in the mid-range in sensation-seeking. You need a moderate level of excitement and stimulation - not too little, not too much. You could probably handle both new situations and monotony, although neither extreme is ideal for you. Your moderate need for stimulation makes you a versatile employee.

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I saw that it was 58 questions and almost skipped it lol...but I got through!


Your relatively low score in sensation-seeking indicates that you don't often enjoy new and stimulating experiences. While you may take risks on rare occasions, you usually choose the well-traveled path. You probably prefer to work in a stable environment in which changes are made gradually, and with ample warning. You don't enjoy surprises, and rarely seek out situations with uncertain outcomes. Your risk-taking behavior is probably fairly limited. Pretty spot on, and absolutely nothing surprising to me.

lol I went on a bit of a rant about the dsm.
I thought the latest DSM changed the ADHD diagnosis so it lumped all the sub-types into just ADHD so there was no clear definition between ADD-Innatentive (add) and ADD-Hyperactive (adhd) anymore.
But I google searched it...and I'm finding that I must be wrong? I don't know why I thought that...I could've swore a bunch of people were upset about the changes around here a year or so ago?

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i got an 82

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i got an 82


Remind me not to ever go to a carnival with you!!! lol