View Full Version : Is there a difference in the brands of ritalin

08-31-17, 10:07 PM
Just wondering what the best brand of ritalin is and is there any difference cause I'm thinking about switching brand

09-01-17, 04:32 AM
Its individual. Some people swear there are differences between brands and other people say they are all the same. Either way its subjective.

09-07-17, 04:49 PM

Yes there are differences in all of the forms of brand and generic ritalin.

Brand name Ritalin is NOVARTIS

The authorized generic identical to Novartis is by Sandoz. That said apparently Sandoz has discontinued manufacturing rhe authorized generic. It may be back in the future though.

Watson/Danbury/Activis/Teva.... This was my favorite and historically always available at Walgreens marked as: Dan 5, Dan 10, and Dan 20. The history is this: Originally made by Danbury, then bought out by Watson, then bought out by Actavis, then bought out last year by Teva. Last time I had this generic it was still bottled under Actavis/Teva and the pill markings were still the same.

Mallinckrodt generic my least favorite

Camber generic, have not tried

Corepharma, have nit tried

Then if course there is Ritalin LA, Concerta, and the Cocerta generics which are all extended release versions which I personally never did well on.

However, many other individuals do great on the extended release. I don't.

Not sure what you are taking but my experience is this in terms of strength:

Novartis was the best and strongest and also the most expensive.

Watson was a close second and was my preferred generic.

Mallinckrodt was a big fail for me. Just no help and made things worse regardless of titration in dosage.

Ritalin LA worked great then fizzled out because I don't do well on any extended release becayse I never feel the benefit of the second release.

I don't know what the latest generics are because i prefer adderall, but here is a link you can look up rhe variouz forms of methylphenidate.

Remember you are looking for Methylphenidate hcl as opposed to the Dexmethylphenidate in rhe link above.

Dexmethylphenidate is another version of ritalin but you can research that info in google.

Sorry fir the typos, just trying to give you some help on my lunch break.

You need to try different generics ans brands to find one your brain likes... And you will find one eventually