View Full Version : triazolam/halcion for dental work

09-01-17, 02:20 AM
think could've gone under anxiolytics or sedatives, but since it's for a specific purpose, i've put it in general.

my new dentist, due to my diagnoses, is uncomfortable doing the dental work i need without oral sedation.

has anyone had this particular medication for that purpose before? would love to hear your experiences if so. are you afraid of not being lucid? i am. i fear they will implant things in me beyond fixing my teeth...

anyway, that's neither here nor there. i just am uncomfortable being...vulnerable in that way.

oh! and i'm being given vicodin to take when i'm home after. that seems a bit much. opiates make me emotionally unstable and i don't have a mood disturbance so i feel like that's not my wisest choice.

still need psychiatrist to sign off on all this, but...anyone been through similar?

cheers in advance,
-peri xx

09-01-17, 03:38 PM
Always had my dental work under novocaine, local injection.

The pain can be quite bad afterwards, I usually DEMAND opiates, but my body is different to yours, they dont have ill effects in fact they make me HAPPY.

Little Missy
09-01-17, 04:02 PM
I get Valium, Ativan, Nitrous, yay! and Novocain. That's just for a cleaning. I can't stand having people close to me.

But I always go home happy. For a crown I pu a rx for pain pills along with the aforementioned. Never needed them though, unless he used a bite block.

My dentist is so expensive it would cost more for a transmitter. I've never had a root canal, ever.

09-01-17, 05:54 PM
I had Novocain followed by Nitrous oxide and it was great. I left so happy, silly, quite a bit loopy and flirting big time with all the nurses and aides. I had to be rolled out in a wheel chair and the effects wore off after about 30 mins.

They gave me a script for Ibuprofen.:rolleyes: Didn't bother filling that.

09-01-17, 05:56 PM
My granddaughter can only get dental work done under sedation ... I don't
know what they use. She doesn't get valium beforehand, but that might be

I react badly to the lidocaine and must have nitrous oxide to do any dental work.