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09-01-17, 04:59 PM
My college age daughter has been on Strattera for years and has had great results. The last time her script was filled, the generic version came in the mail. I researched the ingredients and thought it looked ok. I take all generic meds, so thought she could try this new version. Its ATOMOXETINE, and she takes 2 25MG daily, that is how she has taken her Strattera for years. We didn't ask for the generic, it just came in the mail. This generic version is not working for her. She isn't able to focus well, doesn't feel the same and has trouble getting her thoughts together when speaking. Not sure what is going on. Wondering if anyone else has tried this generic version and had issues. I am now working with her Doc., the pharmacy and insurance company to get the script changed back to the original version. She is a straight A student just starting her sophomore year in college. She's been on it @ 2 weeks and really noticed a difference.

10-12-17, 12:56 AM
I haven't tried it but I came here looking to see if anyone has posted on it. Now I am really afraid to ask my pdoc to try it after reading your post!!

The generic Concerta also didn't work the same way for a lot of people either. I had to take the brand name.

10-16-17, 11:55 PM
Hi I've been on Strattera for a month and two weeks now and I never gotten to try non generic version, it works well to me. I believe your daughter have build up toleration into Strattera(not generic) I recommend to stick up with it since it's working for her.