View Full Version : Porn Addiction

09-03-17, 02:27 PM

I thought this discussion was pretty interesting. Even if you're not addicted to porn, they point out some very insightful things about addiction more generally.

Hope you guys get something useful from this!

09-07-17, 04:50 AM
The video was too long for me but I do believe porn can be an addiction.

09-07-17, 07:36 AM
I stopped watching when i heard about the dopamine release during sexual activity, thanks for posting, very interesting!

I've always been extremely drawn to sex. Now that i know i have ADHD, i can look at myself with a little more love concerning this issue, because i was judging myself so much for being a bad girl wanting bad things. It was just another self-medication thing.

Concerning porn, i think it's very damaging for having sex for real. Same goes for masturbating the same way all the time, especially when it's orientated on a certain peak result. The brain and nerves gets conditioned with certain imprints, loops that are hard to let go of. There are good ways to rewire, but i don't want to get into that too much in here as it goes beyond the topics on this forum and i don't know how openminded we are here, and maybe there are also good suggestions in the video?