View Full Version : Foggy/sick non focused after day 4

Perth Guy
09-04-17, 07:01 AM
I started vyvanse after using dex previously. I had a 50 mg prescription. On day 1-3 it was amazing I felt calm and focussed and had some minor sleep issues waking up early. This morning by 11 when I had my gym class with a PT I was feeling very foggy in the head and performed very badly. In work I felt ropey most of the day. Not sure if medication was too much at 50mg or if I didn't eat properly as I'd only had a 300ml protein shake for breakfast. Any ideas. I was thinking of dissolving 50mg in water and decreasing dosage tomorrow.

09-07-17, 04:44 AM
Eating, hydration and sleep are one of the most important things with stimulants. With vyvanse it begins to get going once it reaches the gut so a good breakfast actually helps it work better.