View Full Version : ADHD is screwing up my life!

09-05-17, 02:12 AM
Ive been suffering with ADHD since 8 years old, I was diagnosed and medicated at this age. My parents took me off medication after a day because it reacted badly to me. I only knew I had ADHD this year (I am 20) as my parents kept it from me, in fear I would react badly again. Ive been on medication (Dex) since February (6 months) and for the first week and only the first week was my head clear to the point I could focus, retain information, and study. Now, it only helps with the social aspect. I feel like my ADHD has gotten worse I can't retain anything not even a sentence from a reading, I can't focus no matter what breaks I take, I go to my psychiatrist and all she says is up my dosage, I do that and it does nothing but not let me sleep. I ask to change meds but she keeps saying wait a few weeks then see me, I do that and she says the same thing again. Im trying to change my psych but the next appointment is in months and I have to have another $500 consultation, then another appointment just to change the meds. I'm at university and my grades are suffering, I'm on lexapro as well for the anxiety my meds gave me but that makes me feel completely numb! Does anyone else get like this? I need to know how to make my head clear again its constantly plagued by this uncomfortable fog that hurts when I try push past it!

09-06-17, 04:23 AM
500$ plus med maintanence seems excessive.

09-13-17, 11:16 AM
Dealing with anxiety and ADD I found difficult to say the least.

If you think your dose is to high then find your comfort zone.

I don't know if you go to the gym but it will help your focus, improve concentration and help with stress.

Good luck with exams.

09-13-17, 08:45 PM
500$ plus med maintanence seems excessive.

Yes it does! I hope everything works out, there are things you can do to supplement for the time until you get your meds in order, change your diet(search adhd diets), like previously noted go to the gym, caffeine pills work for me, maybe try yerba mate drinks that works great on me, obviously short lived but it does work. hopefully it helps.

09-14-17, 01:44 AM
500$ plus med maintanence seems excessive.
Makes you wonder if its all about the money and not your treatment.