View Full Version : My Dr In My New State I Just Moved To Won't Put Me On Med Plan I Was On ?...

09-05-17, 10:22 AM
So I moved from Minnesota to California and up in MAN I had been for years seeing a Dr who had put me on a set of meds in which my Dr here in CA claims is a dangerous dose of amphetamines and etc... Basically he ended up telling me I would have to see another Dr if I wanted to get that but I am pretty certain this doctor hasn't even looked up my old records or anything because each time I asked about it he would tell me his systems are down or something but basically I want to know how I can skip the getting to know a doctor for years and what not and just get back on what I was doing in Minnesota in which had me working for a change and doing normal life stuff and being happy in life. Now I can't seem to work or anything… What should I do? I went to another Dr. And alot of Drs in CA seemingly are shy with wanting to prescribe this high amohetamines and Valium plus Lexapro treatment…

Any ideas of what I can do to get back on my med plan I had in a different state with a Dr I had been seeing for years etc… Moved to new state now my pschiatrist out here says NO so how can I get back to the meds I was on that for me and my family can say worked even?…

09-05-17, 02:54 PM
I wouldn't waste my time with the doctor you saw. Call your old doc and ask for a recommendation. Then have them fax your records to your new doc before your first appointment, (even if hey couldn't recommend someone, get the fax # of the doctor you choose).

09-06-17, 04:26 AM
Get your old records in your hands then shove them into the new docs hands during the appt. Also see if the old doc would be willing to call the new one.

09-12-17, 06:02 PM
Just curious, how much was the dose?

09-13-17, 04:37 AM
Just curious, how much was the dose?

im curious as well.