View Full Version : I Need Immediate Help I'm Literally Broken...

09-07-17, 05:50 AM

I think i'm mentally broken.

I started a new book, Fahrenheit 451. I was reading it, and around page 40,I immediately halted my reading and then i questioned myself.


And to answer that, no. I don't remember what I JUST read.
But the funny thing is, its kinda the same with listening.

Teachers would give lessons and all I hear is blurred out, masked voices. I can't remember what my teachers teach me. Weirdly, oral instructions gets conveyed into my head. Other than that, I cannot remember what people tell me, or what I read in books.

I can red an entire page on Wikipedia about the most random things, like about a plane crash, or an atomic bomb, but a book, I cannot remember at ALL.

I also have trouble paying attention and focusing on something or a task for longer than 10 minutes. I should be writing homework, but I realized i'm broken so naturally i'm on this forum...

Someone please help me :..(...


DJ Bill
09-07-17, 08:05 PM
Try to see a doctor and ask their opinion about your symptoms. We can't diagnose here or do much other than type responses to your posts. You may have a disorder, it may be ADHD, or one of a million other things, like high stress levels,or depression.

I wish you well in your search for a solution.