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09-07-17, 10:51 AM
Don't know if it's my imagination, but my last refill of Sandoz 10mg feels stronger than my last, which is a relief. I feel like last month it wasn't as effective.

09-08-17, 10:50 AM
Ok. I took 1/2 today, so 5 mg IR. About 1-5 hrs later I'm the middle of running errands I took my bp on one of those machines. 118/85 (I am normally low, 90's / 60-70!) and pulse 97. This could have been because I hate shopping and it was my 4th stop on my errand run, but it feels so much stronger than last refill!

09-08-17, 03:02 PM
So, what is the consensus concernng
Sandoz? Would more people be kind enough to offer an opinion?

Little Missy
09-08-17, 03:38 PM
I've been taking it for years. It has its up and downs.

As for blood pressure, it vacillates all day long, perfusion, it runs the body. I don't bother checking.

I've always thought Sandoz was the strongest.